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Baby rooms for boys - Cute wallpapers for the new generation

If the baby is feeding at home, the baby should exude a bright and friendly atmosphere, to help the little one safe and secure feeling. The ceiling and walls in a boy baby room can be decorated with colorful wallpaper and / or large wall stickers. Wallpapers with very large images or large stickers can the baby's attention positively excite. Subtle colors have a calming effect on the baby.

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12-6239 BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers mini gray toy wallpaper
Item no.: 12-6239
6,21 €/m62,41€*79,00 €
Fantasia 23-139296 Rasch Textil star wall sticker brown 10 stars
Item no.: 23-139296
33,23 €/Stück33,23€*44,90 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-078703 Rasch Textil creme non-woven edging Circus
Item no.: 23-078703
7,04 €/m35,19€*48,20 €
Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MLW29746308 non-woven wallpaper beige blue
Item no.: 36-MLW29746308
3,71 €/m37,25€*38,40 €
12-6269 BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini sheep Photo Wallpaper
Item no.: 12-6269
98,75 €/Stück98,75€*125,00 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-138727 Rasch Textil beige motifs non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138727
3,48 €/m35,00€*47,95 €
36-AEP28087319 Alice & Paul Casadeco Jungle Kids wallpaper creme
Item no.: 36-AEP28087319
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-836133 white fabric stars yellow opaque
Item no.: 7-836133
24,47 €/m24,47€*34,95 €
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Hurraaaa, it's a boy ! The design of the baby room can thus begin. Let yourself be inspired by our room impressions and products and collect ideas for the baby room of your future offspring. Whether wall covering, borders, stickers, XL murals or substances - Your creativity has no limits.

Create a world of adventure for your baby through a limitless variety of options for wall design. Two trends have prevailed in recent years, when it comes to designing a baby room. One trend that is more likely to resort to subtle colors, which is also calming effect on babies.

Often, wallpapers and borders are combined - that handsome accents without much effort. Another positive side effect of borders is that they visually divide the room. Babies and toddlers feel this effect as pleasant, as they will not happen the walls infinitely high. Striped, checkered and especially points wallpapers are very trendy and can be combined with great plain wallpapers, so that the baby room does not affect overloaded.

Fits to these patterns on the wall you can also achieve a comfortable atmosphere with matching accessories - a beautiful blanket or a sweet pillow from the right fabric to create a cozy atmosphere in the new baby's room. Also as a trend are becoming more common by so-called wallpaper trees. Applies here: naything you like. Especially nice in this type of wall design is personal and individual touch that can give a boy baby room so without it too "" babyish "" acts.

And who does not want to wallpaper the whole room, can also be restricted to a wall, even for trees wallpapers are well suited, but also murals, which consist of several panels come down well with the little ones. Whether animals, cars or other cute motifs - for every boy is something you want to bring. We hope that we were able to inspire you and give you the idea for the design of the new baby room.

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