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Boys Kids - wallpapers for the big boys in the nursery

Are the little once from the coarsest out they know exactly what they want. The boys baby room must finally give way and something new must be found. The old wallpaper will be replaced by new boy designs and new interests. How about with cool cars or motorcycles as a mural?

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436039-LIF128978170 Teenie-Boys dark gray star pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 436039-LIF128978170
3,53 €/m35,45€*36,54 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-842531 sea mural gray waves whales non-woven
Item no.: 7-842531
83,96 €/Stück83,96€*119,95 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-158711 Rasch Textil blue car mural border
Item no.: 23-158711
46,95 €/Stück46,95€*64,30 €
Rasch Textil Favola 23-313239 wallpaper non-woven writing dark-blue
Item no.: 23-313239
2,01 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138852 non-woven wallpaper black-copper letters
Item no.: 23-138852
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-078703 Rasch Textil creme non-woven edging Circus
Item no.: 23-078703
7,04 €/m35,19€*48,20 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-217339 gray-brown wall optic paper
Item no.: 7-217339
1,64 €/m16,53€*22,96 €
Harlequin - What A Hoot 43-03265 buttons sewn decorative fabric cream
Item no.: 43-3265
48,47 €/m48,47€*65,50 €
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Slowly, but the little ones get older. Especially in the age of 6-12 years, you realize that the children become more independent. There are new interests, old is uncool and new things are needed.
The children are now in school and feel already really big.

Boys like now themes like cool cars, graffiti on the walls, sailing trips or cool comics. Also, technology is becoming a larger part in the lives of young boys. Whether vehicles or computers, everything is in demand. Then why not remodel simply times the kids room? Many parents wonder then whether it is worth right now to renovate, because soon the kids are already teens...
But why wait? Create an easy transition from children aged up to teen boy in the room.

For example, it has often to the boy's room nor to hold uni colored and set with special highlights such as photo wallpaper and cool stickers accents in the room. These can be replaced then the next change of style quickly.

Here your imagination knows no limit. Have the courage to color. Especially loud Uni wallpaper can be always good to combine white and grey patterned wallpaper and conjure a great effect to the nursery. Let the guys best decide for themselves so that they feel completely comfortable in their new boy nursery.

Combine well to the boys wallpaper and borders also substances and use our sewing service for a finished curtain, bedding or pillows. Find the right form every substance which is suitable for our sewing services.

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