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Mini Boys - Children's wallpapers for boys between 2 and 6 years

The new wallpaper should have funny pattern and fresh colors, away from the baby wallpapers and quiet designs. Now a breath of fresh air comes to the nursery. Usually the little ones want to have a say and strive to be an idol, whether it is Superman or a cartoon character now, no matter. Here you and your son get get a generous overview.

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Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-245264 white blue stars wallpaper paper wallpaper
Item no.: 7-245264
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Mural Rasch Textil 23-158837 Little Bandits bears gray white
Item no.: 23-158837
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
Komar Sticker 58-14014 Wall Sticker Winnie Pooh nature colorful
Item no.: 58-14014
29,90 €/Stück29,90€*
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-138979 non-woven wallpaper brown stars
Item no.: 23-138979
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
Fantasia 23-288918 Rasch Textil wallpaper white non-woven sheets gray
Item no.: 23-288918
1,99 €/m19,95€*26,95 €
58-16406 Komar Sticker colorful window ticker Cars Neon
Item no.: 58-16406
29,75 €/Stück29,75€*
Palm trees children wallpaper black 55-399073 Eijffinger Mini Me
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If your little one gets out from the baby age and gets bigger, the nursery can be made new again. This leaves plenty of room for creativity, new paint, wallpaper, curtains and much more.

Be sure the room should get its own childlike touch, so the little one can develop good and feel comfortable in his own home well.
For boys happy upbeat colors are used such as green or blue. Here it is popular seen that it additionally gives an exciting pattern. From Winnie the Pooh or Spiderman, to cool car designs or airplanes - these things may not be missing.

Other motifs like animals, sailboats, small colorful creatures from outer space like aliens, pirate islands, dinosaurs, robots or colorful road signs are also popular. These bring life and much more joy in the kingdom of the little man. Matching to the numerous colorful motif on wallpaper, there are always a few uni colored wallpaper and other combinations. These are beautiful represented in our shop with the right product pictures and also with room impressions for inspiration. So you and your son can imagine how the room could might look like.

The moste manufacturer produce also curtain fabrics suitable to the wallpaper. These make up the freshly wallpapered nursery until a proper concept and complete the picture.

In most cases, the wall surface is divided into two halves and decorated with a border. The lower part of the wall is usually provided with a striped wallpaper and the upper half of the wall papered with the matching pattern or uni wallpaper. So you get with simple handles a beautiful new look to the boy's room.

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