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Boys Teenie - Wallpaper and wall design for large and cool guys

As soon as the boys become a Teenager also their taste will change. Cute motifs are childish and your teen wants something modern. In this category you will find many different wallpapers for a cool, age-appropriate youth room.

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Rasch Textil #FAB 23-128824 black white cameras non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-128824
4,09 €/m41,06€*59,50 €
36-OLB64908199 Only Boys cream-white decorative fabric subway lines
Item no.: 36-OLB64908199
28,76 €/m28,76€*29,65 €
Beige 7-892406 Kid 's Club 892 406 Puppy wall photo
Item no.: 7-892406
45,95 €/Stück45,95€*
Rasch Textil 23-138952 Regatta Crew lightgreen non-woven pattern wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138952
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
556-128816 College Esta Home non-woven wallpaper dark-blue America motifs
Item no.: 56-128816
3,53 €/m35,51€*44,95 €
Wallpaper seafaring card cream 28-51136809 Les Aventures Essener
Item no.: 28-51136809
1,95 €/m19,57€*27,95 €
12-219300 BN / Voca #Smalltalk non-woven wallpaper jungle blue
Item no.: 12-219300
2,78 €/m27,97€*34,95 €
Kid 's Club 7-266818, 266 818 uni of grey-silver glossy paper wallpaper
Item no.: 7-266818
0,86 €/m8,60€*11,95 €
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The Teen-Age is for guys, but also for their parents, often not easy. In most cases, the taste and the interest will change completely.

Many things that are actually for little boys who are now totally uncool, and will be rejected. He no longer plays with his friends, but ""depends"" and girls are not stupid at once, they play an increasingly important role.

How about a cool photo wallpaper with a cool biker it or a cool graffiti? You 're more likely to travel? Then you paper a cool map and metro map of New York City on the wall. Or you're making a sailing trip across the whole world.
Here the design fantasy is limitless.

Often it makes even the simple color combination. Combine bright colors with neutral shades of gray, such as in a stripe wallpaper. Thus, different areas in the former children 's bedroom can now be separated and provide a cool atmosphere.

If you like sports you won't miss anything. Cool sports you can find on the wallpaper again. Whether it's football, basketball, sailing, motocross or racing, the selection is huge.

Especially non-woven wallpaper in the nursery make the renovation a lot easier. Non-woven wallpapers can be brought to the wall with the wall adhesion technique, dry strippable restless and generally easy to work with. Once the children's or teenager's room requires the coming new coat of paint or needs to be wallpapered fresh, the non-woven wallpaper can easily remove and redecorate.

Often our Murals have a non-woven substrate, so that these can easily be processed. Pay attention to the product description.

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