AS Creation – Cozz – Sweet and colourful wallpapers for boys and girls

Decorate the walls with child-friendly wallpaper patterns from AS Creation. With the collection „ Cozz“, AS Creation offers a wide range of colourful and innovative patterns that will redecorate your children's room. Design your children's room with a loving ambience.

Embellish your children's room walls with the wallpaper patterns from the "Cozz" collection from AS Creation. Cute motifs in bright colours for boys and girls create beautiful accents on your walls. The beautiful patterns are perfectly matched to the children's room and round off the room. Whether boy or girl, the large number of children's wallpapers in different colours offers both a suitable selection. 

Starting with the Flamingo motif, this wallpaper pattern shines through the soft red colour and creates a loving atmosphere in your child's room. For boys, who prefer a different colour, you can also choose this in light green. 

For girls you can take a flower pattern from the collection "Cozz". This stands out due to the cheerful choice of colours and gives the room an invigorating ambience. 

A special eye-catcher are the wallpaper patterns with the lettering "It's time for the Flamingo dance". By the playful representation of the individual letters, this wallpaper pattern is an immediate eye-catcher. You can wallpaper this pattern in the boy’s room, as well as in the girl’s room. 

An elegant way to add colourful accents to the children's room is to combine the wallpaper patterns with a matching unit wallpaper. These are just as beautiful in the colour choice as the wallpapers and support the selected wallpaper in the room. 

The "Cozz" collection from AS Creation offers every child nice matching patterns and beautiful colour choices, so that there is plenty of choice. Decorate the nursery with the "Cozz" collection for your child.

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