A.S. Creation - Esprit Kids 4 - cheerful animal motifs on colorful children's wallpaper for modern kids

Fox, jungle animals and birds dress the children as non-woven or paper wallpaper all new. The popular Esprit Kids collection of A.S. Creation goes in the fourth round and shows new wallpaper for a modern nursery.

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8-4305-05 AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 decorative fabric white jungle animals
Item no.: 8-4305-05
19,14 €/m19,14€*26,95 €
8-4307-10 AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 fox decorative fabric white balloon
Item no.: 8-4307-10
19,14 €/m19,14€*26,95 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 8-30297-2 Bird wallpaper beige children
Item no.: 8-30297-2
1,83 €/m18,42€*25,95 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 8-30298-2 beige bird wallpaper Children
Item no.: 8-30298-2
1,83 €/m18,42€*25,95 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 8-30294-1 patchwork stripes coral
Item no.: 8-30294-1
1,62 €/m16,29€*22,96 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 8-4306-04 decorative fabric rose butterfly
Item no.: 8-4306-04
19,14 €/m19,14€*26,95 €
8-30303-1 AS Creation Esprit Kids 4 Jungle Animals yellow wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30303-1
1,06 €/m10,61€*14,95 €
Esprit Kids 4 8-30306-2 AS Creation beige Jungle Animal border
Item no.: 8-30306-2
2,12 €/m10,61€*14,95 €
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Discover with the fourth children's collection of Esprit Kids in collaboration with A.S. Creation, creative pattern wallpaper on non-woven and paper wallpaper.

The first pattern is equal to a cute fox fly in a balloon. The cute foxes flying in the hot air balloon around and convince on the walls by their glossy accents. Natural, fresh colors create a cozy children's room, even for young children.

Some other jungle animals are on the next topic to find: The animals have slightly angular bodies and act as very modern in the nursery. Monkey, parrot and leopard cavort in bold, bright colors such as yellow and green in the nursery and provide lots of fun exploring.
The matching edging stripes and wallpaper round off a cheerful room setting.

Also very creative is the non-woven wallpaper with bird motif. The birds hide in large blubber bubbles and swing as on the walls. Fresh shades like light blue or beige plain with an intimate children's or baby's room. To combine recommends Esprit Kids 4 the matching birds wallpaper with smaller birds and triangles.

The girls are happy about a naughty girl wallpaper: Cute butterflies sometimes subdued times shiny flutter on the wall and give the room a girlish look. The right border with the shiny accents decorates the wall. Also in pink makes this butterfly wallpaper a great figure: the discreet colors also fit nicely in a baby room.

The Plain wallpapers of this collection of A.S Creation are matt and impress with their colors and textures: Times with slight groove or a square structure in mint-green, bright-red or pink set this with plain wallpapers beautiful accents in the nursery.

Children wallpaper with animals and fresh and modern colors beautify with the collection Esprit Kids 4 by A.S. Creation the nursery.

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