AS Creation - Esprit Kids 5 - colorful wallpapers with cute designs for magical child’s room walls

With the children's collection "Esprit Kids 5" the wallpaper manufacturer AS Crea-tion compiled great non-woven, paper wallpapers and borders that make every chil-dren’s room special. No matter if fresh new patterns and colors or well-known de-signs from previous collections - every wallpaper has its own, unique effect in the room of the little boys and girls.

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8-30289-1 AS Creation Esprit Kids 5 pink butterflies woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30289-1
1,76 €/m17,71€*24,95 €
Esprit Kids 5 AS Creation 8-35695-1 green grey stripes wallpaper paper
Item no.: 8-35695-1
1,19 €/m11,96€*14,95 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 5 8-4503-12, 450312 fabric red blue Stripes
Item no.: 8-4503-12
21,56 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Esprit Kids 4 8-94116-9 AS Creation light green uni wallpaper web
Item no.: 8-94116-9
1,55 €/m15,58€*21,96 €
8-30305-7 AS Creation Esprit Kids 5 sky-blue paper wallpaper uni
Item no.: 8-30305-7
2,23 €/m11,16€*13,95 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 5 8-4505-10, 450510 Planet fabric hellblue
Item no.: 8-4505-10
21,56 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Esprit Kids 5 AS Creation 357084, 8-35708-4 blue tractor non-woven border
Item no.: 8-35708-4
3,59 €/m17,96€*22,46 €
AS Creation Esprit Kids 5 8-35707-1 stripes wallpaper non-woven green grey
Item no.: 8-35707-1
1,91 €/m19,16€*23,95 €
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The wallpaper manufacturer AS Creation presents with the children's wallpaper col-lection "Esprit Kids 5" a large selection of non-woven, paper wallpapers and borders for a modern and enchanting children's room.

Starting with cute unicorn motifs sprinkled with fine glitter, every girl's heart will beat faster. Color-coordinated plain patterns and patterns create a fabulous look in the girl’s room.

Little boys enjoy non-woven wallpaper with cool excavator and tractor motives. So they feel completely comfortable on their own construction site in their room. The large color selection of the motifs offers a suitable wall design for every taste.

Space-paper wallpapers leave no limits in the children’s room. Small planets and rockets move through space and enchant both the girl's room and the boy's room.

Small colorful stars are a perfect way to make children’s room walls stylish. The deli-cate look of the stars ensures that the little ones have sweet dreams.

Cute foxes transform the child’s room into a colorful play paradise. They fly over the walls in colorful balloons, waving to your loved ones. The non-woven wallpaper, on which foxes have taken their place between colorful trees and flowers, also creates a magical ambience in the room.

Colorful butterflies that fly over the wall and thus provide the room with a good mood, must not be missing in any girl’s room. Either in fresh reds and pink or in gen-tle rose, the girls' eyes will shine. Matching non-woven borders complete the look of the children’s room and create a harmonious ambience.

A real eye-catcher in the children’s room are the white, textured paper wallpapers with colorful stripes and color splashes. The patterns of this wallpaper look like they are even painted with water color and thus provide a natural flair in the children’s room.

Both the little boys and girls will quickly find a matching motif in their favorite colors in the large selection of non-woven and paper wallpapers to create a unique ambi-ence in their four walls according to their own imaginations.

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