AS Creation – Little Stars – colourful non-woven wallpaper with cute motifs for little discoverer

In "Little Stars" by the wallpaper manufacturer AS Creation you will find colorful non-woven wallpapers with cool and enchanting patterns and motifs. Both girl and boy eyes will shine on the wall at the sight of these great patterns.

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8-35565-1 355651 Little Stars AS Creation non-woven wallpaper stripes rose
Item no.: 8-35565-1
2,22 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35834-1,358341 non-woven wallpaper pale-green uni
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35848-1 border mint-green writing baby non-woven
non-woven wallpaper Little Stars AS Creation 8-35566-4,355664 bright-red uni
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35813-2 non-woven wallpaper vehicles bright-grey
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35853-1,358531 border non-woven rose princess
Item no.: 8-35853-1
4,47 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
Little Stars AS Creation 8-35839-3 non-woven wallpaper bright-green dots
Item no.: 8-35839-3
2,22 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
8-35849-3 Little Stars AS Creation non-woven wallpaper baby-blue stripes
Item no.: 8-35849-3
2,22 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
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Cute baby shoes on the wall for the little ones provide a harmonious ambience in the baby room. The soft colors quickly find their perfect place on the wall.

Cute little bunnies and kittens sit between fine flowers and flying butterflies on the wall to sweeten the little ones room.

For the boys you will find non-woven wallpapers with cool tractor designs and fire engines. The vehicles race on the walls in the boy’s room and encourage the little ones to play along.

Also a highlight in the boy’s room are the non-woven wallpapers with dinosaurs. In bright colors they run over the walls in the children’s room and leave so an impressive atmosphere.

The non-woven wallpapers with cute horses, are a real highlight especially for the horse lovers. In a fast gallop, they playfully conquer the walls of the children’s room.

Little cute princesses living together with colorful animals in their kingdom enchant the entire girl’s room. Fresh, vibrant colors transform the child’s room into a magical castle.

Wooden slat looks in shades of gray and brown are an eye-catcher in both girls' and boys' rooms and leave due to the natural look a cozy atmosphere.

Bright uni, which match perfectly with the patterned wallpaper, bring a fresh ambience and ensure a good mood in the children’s room.

Matching borders round off the ambience in the children’s room harmoniously and thus serve the perfect complement to the motif wallpapers.

Find the right wallpaper for a new look in the child’s room between cute baby shoes, small dogs and cool vehicles. Both the boys and girls will quickly find their favorite motifs.

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