A.S. Creation - Lovely Friends - cute animal motifs from hare to whale for babies and children

Children's tapestries and borders with various animals and stripes enchant the room of girls and boys. Whales, deer and butterflies work naturally and create a space that radiates security. Embellish the baby and children's room with the Lovely Friends collection by A.S. Creation.

Animal motifs are the core of this playful Lovely Friends collection by A.S. Creation. Cute animals decorate as paper wallpaper the baby and children’s room.

The first animal motif shows us cute rabbits that are currently playing on a meadow.
These fluttering butterflies create a dreamy atmosphere.
In this green wallpaper pattern is especially beautiful because of the green-tone, it creates the appearance of a nearly real meadow and seems so very natural. As a combination Lovely Friends offers us a sweet border with rabbits, which fits great as an ornament to the baby's room.

Even deer can be found in this children's collection by A.S. Creation. Deer grazing in a meadow, and are surrounded by romantic dandelions.
Perfect as a combination is the strip wallpaper with leaves: The leaves rise up the wall and thus forms a very chic stripe pattern.

Fresh and modern works the pattern wallpaper with whales. The whales swim in the sea and so bring a relaxing effect in the nursery, which is emphasized by the tones of blue and white again. What makes this wallpaper is that the whales have a slight silvery sheen, which acts chic.

Finally Lovely Friends holds another very natural animal motif ready:
Sweet forest animals such as mice, squirrels and bears decorate in warm colors the nursery. Fits to the strip wallpaper with points: Playful points shape in this pattern wallpaper a modern stripe pattern on the wall.

Design with matt wallpaper of the Lovely Friends collection and its cute designs a children's room to play and relax.

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