A.S. Creation - Oilily Atelier - Playful non-woven wallpaper with flowers and stripes for girls

Brightly colored non-woven wallpaper with playful flowers, inspired by idyllic places in the Netherlands can be found in the new Oilily Atelier collection of A.S. Creation. Soft colors on plain wallpaper and graphic patterns provide the perfect complement in the children's and teenies bedroom of the girl.

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8-30273-2 Oilily Atelier AS Creation colorful flower nursery
Item no.: 8-30273-2
3,22 €/m32,36€*44,95 €
8-3114-67 Oilily Atelier AS Creation uni wallpaper non-woven mint-green
Item no.: 8-3114-67
2,15 €/m21,56€*29,95 €
AS Creation Oilily Atelier 8-30269-2 red graphic pattern non-woven
Item no.: 8-30269-2
2,58 €/m25,88€*35,95 €
AS Creation Oilily Atelier 8-3114-98 brown non-woven wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 8-3114-98
2,15 €/m21,56€*29,95 €
AS Creation Oilily Atelier 8-30260-1 blue stripe wallpaper youth
Item no.: 8-30260-1
3,22 €/m32,36€*44,95 €
8-30269-1 Oilily Atelier AS Creation graphic pattern blue
Item no.: 8-30269-1
2,58 €/m25,88€*35,95 €
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Divided into four patterns sprayed the non-woven wallpaper collection Oilily Atelier vitality and fun in the children's bedroom of the girl.
The four patterned wallpaper are all inspired by the Dutch locations and so give the girl's room that certain something.

The first pattern stings every viewer immediately: gaudy colorful flowers on blue background bring spring in the nursery. A slightly glossy surface creates a high-quality appearance. As possible combination matches the stripe wallpaper in old-pink or even the creative stroke pattern.

A further floral pattern holds something natural and is so perfect for a cozy youth room: Large creamy white flowers give the room on a background in taupe the perfect feel-good atmosphere. A slight accent in the room you can set to match with a plain wallpaper in old-pink.

For glitz and glamor is the third flower pattern: Highly detailed flowers, vines and even flamingos decorate in glossy pastel-yellow the youth room. The narrow stripe wallpaper in gold-yellow, red and gold-brown livens up any room.

In mint-green and creamy white ornate tendrils the girls' room and provide you the mint-green color for a friendly and fresh look in the room. Small diamonds in taupe be represented for the pattern super combined and act by simple color anyway creative on the wall in the girls room.

The Plain wallpapers of this non-woven collection by A.S. have all very gentle, simple tones. From mint-green, gray-green and sand-gray to pastel yellow and old-pink the uni wallpapers decorate the walls in soft colors.

Embellish the children's bedroom with the creative and fresh design of the Dutch collection Oilily Atelier of A.S. Creation.

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