A.S. Creation - Oilily Home - Colorful stripes and flowers on wallpapers and wallpapers

Creative murals, cool borders and playful patterns wait in the first Oilily wallpaper collection for you. You can explore the Dutch brand now also for the walls in the girls room and decorate the rooms with stripes and flowers.

With Oilily Home come chic brand wallpapers in the children's room of your daughter. In cooperation with the manufacturer A.S. Creation has Oilily created wallpapers and braids, bringing the Oilily-style on the walls.

We find two stripe patterns in this collection: On the one hand, a pattern with colorful stripes, the strips have different sizes and act as playful in the room of girls. The second stripe pattern is also something for the slightly older girls: Various stripe pattern sometimes in dark-blue make the room look creative and modern.

When it comes to Oilily, flowers should not be missed: Large flowers with different patterns draw with points or diamonds in the nursery each eye. But smaller flowers spread beautifully on the wall and fit any age.

For pure happiness in the children’s room, provide the two dot-wallpaper of the collection by A.S. Creation: Various points in bright colors spread color on the walls and create fun for everyone in the nursery. Also perfect for combining the pattern wallpaper with small, fine points - these provide a great contrast to flashy, colorful patterns.

Perfect for combining are also suitable the cute braids of collection: Decorate crocodile and a city motif with vacation feeling on simple walls in the girls room and it becomes an eye-catcher.

Yet to give the kids room now that certain something Oilily home has created six murals that conjure up as a planet, jungle or city a special accent in your daughter's room.

Discover with Oilily Home now wallpaper of your favorite brand of the walls in the nursery.

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