BN/Voca – Scandinavian Designers Mini – playful child’s wallpapers with many different motifs

With this collection the rooms of your kids are a divine adventure. If a dream of rose for the girls or a beautiful blue for the boys, the wallpaper collection includes a big choice of cute motifs. 

A creation of child’s rooms like in the imaginings of your kids – this bids the playful collection “Scandinavian Designers Mini” by BN/Voca.

The colourful wallpaper collection creates every kids room in an eye catcher. The light colours in pastel shades enhance the rooms of the diffident and calm kids. To compensate for this the collection bids wallpapers with stronger colours and pattern. Because of combination the collection meets every individual taste.

Based on fitting borders and photo wallpapers the collection gives many choices to combine. As an example there is a discreet and fine striped non-woven wallpaper in many remarks which can be combined with a border with a clutch of colourful vehicular.

To combine the non-woven wallpapers with other wallpapers and not with for example borders there are some uni wallpapers which compensate exciting pattern or emphasize accent walls.

The motifs of the wallpapers are in a childish style. Wallpapers with little hearts or a wallpaper with thin trunks and sweet aviaries cater for a stylish kid’s room.

Because of the big choice of wallpapers the collection is not for a specific sex. The wallpaper collection have wallpapers for girls, wallpapers for boys, and wallpapers which is not for a specific sex.

Be inspired of the collection “Scandinavian Designers Mini” by BN/Voca and make the grades of your kids.

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