BN/Voca #Smalltalk - wallpaper for kids with many different layouts

On the one side the BN/Voca - #Smalltalk collection includes colourful and exciting wallpapers, but there are wallpapers with simple designs too. Because of the wide range of designs, every child finds his own favourite to feel home with this wallpapers. 

The BN/Voca - #Smalltalk collection is especially designed for rooms of babys and children and lead to feel comfortable. 

The layouts of these wallpapers are not designed only for boys or only for girls, they are adress to every kid. The colours and the designs works in a room for a boy as good as in a room for a girl. 

One part of the collection is created with a child-friendly theme to speak to these little kids and make an impression. One example for one of this wallpaper is a blue junglewallpaper. On it there are animals and plants to create an adventurous effect. The different colours of blue with some green highllights make the wallpaper get in the mind of the kids. 

Another part of the collection is designed with some simple layouts and printed with basic colours. A good example for these wallpapers is a wallpaper with a forest design which convinced with colours in grey and beige and shows some smart tree trunks with little sheets and little birds and owls in red-brown. 

The last part of the collection includes wallpaper with muster. They are fill in with a constant muster for the wall. Some examples for this are little blurs of colour and clouds. 

The collection BN/Voca - #Smalltalk includes a large range of wallpapers so you always find the right one for the kid. 

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