Eijffinger – Rice II – colorful patterned wallpaper bring the nursery to life

The second edition of the wallpaper collection "Rice" offers next to the most popular motifs of the first row some new wallpaper designs, which conjures up an unique eye-catcher guaranteed from the four walls.

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55-383593 Eijffinger Rice II golden dots glitter white wallpaper
Eijffinger Rice II 55-383614 6 strips mural pink pink flowers
Item no.: 55-383614
330,00 €/Stück330,00€*
55-383601 Eijffinger Rice II rock and roll mural Leo pattern pink
Item no.: 55-383601
325,00 €/Stück325,00€*
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Enchant the walls with the non-woven wallpapers from the collection "Rice II" by Eijffinger. Whether it's a unique glitter or a soft shine - "Rice II" puts everyone under its spell.

A big theme in "Rice II" are floral motifs. From large and poetic to fine and playful, the collection includes a variety of flowers, each one unique in its own way.

Starting with playful floral motifs in fresh colours, the wall is brought to life and gets a new look. The colour selection finds a place in every room.

With a clear flower pattern with a shiny background, the eyes of your little girls will definitely shine.

A very special highlight in this collection are the glittering wallpapers. Depending on the incidence of light, they show a different image on the wall due to their fine glitter particles. Either in pink, silver or gold every single spot on the wall sparkles and enchants so the nursery.

Tigers, moving across the wall between palm leaves, bring a playful and lively flair to the girl's room.

Also popular in the nursery are round colour splashes, which shine in fine glitter on the wall and leave a playful ambience.

In addition to the non-woven wallpapers "Rice II" offers great murals with unique motifs. Cool leopard fur optics with a slight sheen or large flowers that stretch across the wall, each motif will create a stylish eye-catcher from the nursery that captures every look.

From big to small – "Rice II" by Eijffinger offers the perfect wallpaper for all ages. In softly selected colours, non-woven wallpapers create a harmonious ambience in which everyone will feel good.

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