Erismann – Lotta – colourful paper wallpapers with sweet motifs for every child’s room

Lotta- The new children wallpaper collection by the wallpaper manufacturer keeps what she promises. With colourful and natural motifs will as well girl’s as boy’s hearts beat faster and change the child’s room into an exciting playing paradise.

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Erismann Lotta 33-7352-05, 735205 rose uni wallpaper child's room paper girl
33-7353-17, 735317 Erismann Lotta pink points yellow paper wallpaper girl's
Item no.: 33-7353-17
1,03 €/m10,33€*14,45 €
33-7353-45, 735345 Erismann Lotta paper wallpaper bright-violet dots girls
Item no.: 33-7353-45
1,03 €/m10,33€*14,45 €
Erismann Lotta 33-7353-09, 735309 dots beige violet girl's wallpaper paper
Item no.: 33-7353-09
1,03 €/m10,33€*14,45 €
33-7352-08, 735208 Erismann Lotta baby-blue uni wallpaper paper child's room
33-7352-06, 735206 Erismann Lotta paper wallpaper red uni children's room
Item no.: 33-7352-06
0,99 €/m9,97€*13,95 €
33-7352-02, 735202 Erismann Lotta beige uni wallpaper paper child's room
Item no.: 33-7352-02
0,99 €/m9,97€*13,95 €
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With the new collection "Lotta" every child will find the perfect paper wallpaper for his room. It has a principle: To transform the entire children's room with happy colors and lively motifs on a paper wallpaper.

It does not matter if a little boy or a little girl is looking for a new room – here everyone will find the perfect wallpaper.

Girls' rooms are enchanted by fairy-tale castles and princesses, while boys can look forward to cars that race across the wall in lively colors.

In addition, the collection offers a wide range of uni wallpapers, which are ideally matched to the appropriate pattern and perfectly round each motif off.

A great highlight of the collection of wallpapers are the series of colorful farm animals running around the paper wallpaper. Each child will recognize his cuddly toy on the wall and gets invited to play.

Particularly popular at young children are the paper wallpapers with small dots, which bounce around the wall in various colors.

Part of the paper wallpaper collection is also unique stripe wallpapers where each stripe has a different color or pattern. These are especially eye-catching due to their odd lines, as the stripes look like self-drawn.

An eye-catcher in every nursery, especially for little girls, are paper wallpapers with owl motifs, which look unmistakable on every wall. Either with colorful, bright colors or in soft pastel shades, there is the right wallpaper for every taste.

Realize the dreams of your child - with the matching paper wallpaper that is perfectly matched to the interests of girls and boys.

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