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Collections Essener - Children's wallpapers delight you with their quality

In this category you will find a variety of children's collections. Essen offer high-quality children wallpapers at a fair price. Collections are also built with matching fabrics and trimmings to the wallpaper. Due to the room pictures you can see the effect of the respective wallpaper and accessories.

For high quality wallcovering wallpaper was the company Essen - Import GmbH founded in 1955 in Essen as an import company. Today, it is without doubt the market's oldest and most prestigious Import Company for the home textiles retailers. In two generations, the medium-sized family is out. The company is known as powerful and independent.

From Scandinavia, France, the Benelux countries, North America, Great Britain and Italy imported Essen fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings. In Essen, about 2,500 articles such as fabrics, wallpaper and borders can be stored. These are sold by the Company throughout Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, the Essenes wallpapers Import Company is known for its fast delivery.

They work together with well-known designers in the home furnishings sector, such as with Larry Laszlo, Daniel Hechter, Mary Quant, Walter Knabe and many more. Also in the nursery area offers Essen beautiful designs and children's comics, like Lucky Luke or Bart Simpson to name just a handful. The product range is almost unbeatable. They offer wallpaper in 50 cm in width, 70 cm to 90 cm width. You can choose up to Lincrusta between the following variants in the paper, surface printing, vinyl registers, Simplex, Flachvinly, embossed Vinly, Analglypta, textile wallpaper, digital jacquard braids.

For many years, Essen is not only a good brand that can only be found in stores, but also offers a reliable service of innovative and creative wallpapers. Let yourself be inspired by this grassroots organization. You will see that their little ones in the new children's well-being. The wallpapers of Essen are adjusted to the needs and fantasies of children.

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