Essener - Tiny Tots - balloons, fairytales, vehicles and animals for a cute baby room

The rooms of the babies and toddlers should especially be comfy and joyful: animals from the jungle or from the farm, stars, stripes and many other motifs create a great children's world of dreams - so the little ones have a cute nursery every day.

Colorful and special pattern wallpaper can be found in the collection Tiny Tots of Essener. The wallpaper and fabric-braids together make a great picture for a beautiful nursery for your little one.

Decide on a design with colorful balloons. The balloons are controlled by small bears and spread it all over the wall in the baby's room. The clouds in the background give it the look of a real sky in the nursery. Plus colorful stripes like water color and already the happy kids not in the way.

Two animal motifs can be found in this collection. The first involves wild jungle animals from Africa and the other animals that can be found with us on the farm. Here there are unis with marbled appearance and clouds on the combination. For those who prefer the animals from the old time, the papered the kids with adventurous dinos, creating an exciting atmosphere in the nursery.

The girls are looking forward to your rooms with a beautiful fairy tale motif:

Frog Prince, princesses and even a castle spread brightly colored fun in the nursery. The pattern wallpaper with tree obtained in combination the effect of a real fairytale forest in the girls room. A diamond pattern provides simple because the appropriate supplement.

Naturally children want most like only dream in your room: The pattern wallpaper with stars and moons is perfect. And to learn Tiny Tots holds a braid ready: On this the English alphabet with the help of cute designs is explained beautifully and makes you want to learn.

The last two motifs are even a teddy bear pattern and one with vehicles: The teddies decorate the baby room with beautiful stars and create a cute effect. The vehicles such as cars and boats are of course something for the rooms of the guys: How nozzle of the different vehicles on the walls in the baby and nursery.

Be excited at Tiny Tots of Essener for cheerful and cute wallpapers on pattern wallpaper for babies and toddlers.

Freuen Sie sich bei Tiny Tots von Essener Tapeten auf fröhliche und niedliche Mustertapeten für Babys und Kleinkinder.

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