Esta Home – College – coulourful wallpapers in college style

For all America lovers is the new wallpaper collection full with wallpapers in American college style. Football-playing persons and colourful numbers and letters guarantee in “College” by Esta Homa a sporty-comfortable ambiance. Wood slats optics in colouful colours or brown tones must not be missing.

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56-138819 College Esta Home non-woven wallpaper checkered red-blue child
Item no.: 56-138819
3,14 €/m31,56€*39,95 €
56-128810 College Esta Home wallpaper non-woven planes dark-blue
Item no.: 56-128810
3,53 €/m35,51€*44,95 €
Esta Home College 56-128805 silver logo creme-white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 56-128805
3,53 €/m35,51€*44,95 €
Esta Home College 56-128807 hores creme-white non-woven wallpaper child
Item no.: 56-128807
3,53 €/m35,51€*44,95 €
56-128818 College Esta Home non-woven wallpaper footprints creme-weiß
Item no.: 56-128818
3,53 €/m35,51€*44,95 €
56-138803 College Esta Home words dark-grey non-woven wallpaper youth
Item no.: 56-138803
3,14 €/m31,56€*39,95 €
Esta Home College 56-158803 non-woven mural row boat bedroom
Item no.: 56-158803
122,45 €/Stück122,45€*155,00 €
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With the wallpaper collection „College“ the wallpaper manufacturer Esta Home presents cool non-woven wallpapers for the children- and youth room in American college-style. Soft colors combined with impressive motifs change the whole room into a real eye-catcher.

Football lovers are happy about a non-woven wallpaper with football-playing boys that are spread out over the wall. Also popular is that non-woven wallpaper on which many footballs founded their place.

Horses, that look like self-drawn, on a simple background are an absolute highlight for every horse lover. With a big horse as lifelike photo wallpaper on the wall, every view will be caught. 

With a non-woven wallpaper with footprints, on which one can see parts of maps of capital cities from all over the world, the whole Teen room gets a cool and impressive optic.

All sport lovers will find their right wall design certainly fast. For example with a non-woven wallpaper on which are spread out American word and claims, the Teen’s feel themselves like in an American college. 

A wooden slats optic in brown or grey leaves a natural ambiance in the youth room which looks similar to a real wood.

Colorful checkered patterns find as well in the boy’s as in the girl’s room the perfect place and can get combined depending on the favor.

A highlight of the wallpaper collection lays on the wallpaper with pictures of American sports.

For every pattern wallpaper there are in the wallpaper collection “College” each matching uni wallpapers that can get combined with each other perfectly.

In the Teen room the non-woven wallpaper on which are lined up colorful doors ensures a special wall design which pulls every view on it.

Give your Teen an impressive wall design with the non-woven wallpapers and murals from the cool wallpaper collection “College” by Esta Home.

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