Grandeco - Jack n Rose II - Loving wallpapers for children with sweet and adorable motifs

Grandeco's non-woven wallpaper collection offers beautiful wallpaper patterns in a wide variety of bright colours for boys, girls and small children. Different motifs enliven the room and match perfectly to your child‘s interest‘s. Turn your child's bedroom or playroom into a place of comfort.

You can expect a lot from the children wallpapers collection "Jack n Rose 2". These are characterized by sweet motifs and colourful wallpaper patterns. Discover the variety of wallpaper patterns for little boys, which stand out by ships on high seas or dinosaurs. Everyone, who was small knows the desire to sail on a ship into an adventure, or to make friends with dinosaurs.

You can make your boy's dream come true by sticking one of these wallpaper patterns to the walls of the boy’s room. The patterns from the ship's wallpaper have child friendly colours, like aquamarine blue, iris blue and a strawberry red. They radiate a feeling of security. The collection has also a large selection for your little girls. Not only floral patterns in beige and in a delicate pink find their place here. Wallpaper motifs with stars, clouds and the sun in the colours sun yellow, fuchsia red and pink makes the heart of every girl beat faster and creates a good atmosphere in the room.

What makes the "Jack n Rose 2" collection stand out, is the wallpaper pattern of the green meadow and the large tree. Not only is it an eye-catcher for your children in terms of colour, it also brings a smile straight to their face. The "Jack n Rose 2" collection has a varied and charming area of wallpaper patterns for both boys and girls. Find a suitable wallpaper for your child’s room and set new accents on your four walls.

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