Grandeco - Little Ones - playful children's wallpapers with different patterns on very different themes

With its new "Little Ones"; collection, Grandeco's children's wallpaper collection offers varied motifs for every taste. Whether girlish unicorn magic, wild jungle adventure or simple pattern elegance, there is something suitable for every children's taste. The wallpapers from the collection "Little Ones" are ecodeco certified. This means that the wallpaper was produced without PVC and pollutants and free of plasticizers.

The “Little Ones"; wallpaper collection from Grandeco shows you the variety of design ideas for the children's room, whether your child dreams of a fairytale magic forest with unicorns, a jungle adventure with wild animals or pink flamingos. The non-woven wallpapers are easy to attach and quickly ensure a cute change of wallpaper. 

Free from PVC, plasticizers and other pollutants - these are the special features of ecodeco wallpapers. In addition, the children's wallpaper is odorless and 100% recyclable. The ecodeco qualified wallpaper can be recognized by an ecodeco print on the back of the wallpaper.

Delicate pink with playful, girlish motifs, strong blue and green tones with large and small patterns or simple graphic patterns in soft grey or beige. Stimulate your child's imagination and give the nursery a touch of childlike playfulness. 

Little girls dream themselves on their unicorn as dressed up princesses in the enchanting fairytale forest. If you prefer a more simple design, you can choose from wallpapers with various graphic patterns in delicate grey and soft beige. 

Be inspired and immerse yourself in the enchanting and playful world of children's room design with the wallpaper collection “Little Ones".

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