Grandeco – Village People – cool motiv wallpaper for a modern teenagerroom

In "Village People" by Grandeco there are many great and special motifs. Here you can find the right wallpaper for the boy and the girl. Jeans in a modern patchwork style or a simple concise? Leave your teen free choice!

Grandeco Village People 37-VP2205 non woven wallpaper boys pattern beige
Item no.: 37-VP2205
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
37-VP1004 Village People Grandeco non woven wallpaper Uni gray smooth matt
Item no.: 37-VP1004
2,22 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
37-VP2204 Village People Grandeco non woven wallpaper boys pattern green
Item no.: 37-VP2204
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Village People 37-VP1108 non woven wallpaper blue matt blue smooth
Grandeco Village People 37-VP2101 non woven wallpaper Girl Nature red
Item no.: 37-VP2101
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Village People 37-VP3202 non woven wallpaper shapes blue
Item no.: 37-VP3202
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Village People 37-VP1101 non woven wallpaper beige beige matt smooth
Grandeco Village People 37-VP2002 non woven wallpaper Girls Nature yellow
Item no.: 37-VP2002
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
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