Absolute Girl - Happy girl wallpaper and decorative fabrics for children's bedroom and youth room

The paper-wallpaper collection ,absolut girls' brings with fresh palm trees and colorful flowers, a fresh atmosphere in the nursery. Also black and white designs on the topic fashion seem creative and chic in the youth room of your daughter.

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Absolutely girls 436037-LOV125200018 nyl-trims birds black-and-white
Absolutely girls 436037-LOV128094110 er wallpaper colorful decoration
Absolutely girls 436037-LOV128628698 decorative fabric flower girl taupe
436037-LOV127908140 Absolutely girls paper wallpaper pink palms shiny
436037-LOV116086024 Absolutely girls ight-orange paper wallpaper uni
Absolutely girls 436037-LOV127982040 pe floral pattern paper
Item no.: 436037-LOV127982040
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Absolutely girls 436037-LOV128259646 creamy white font decorative fabric
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Modern lettering with a gloss finish and playful floral pattern on decorative fabrics and wallpaper you expect in the collection "Absolute Girl". 

Customize this great murals to be creative and set accents in the girls room.

Find in this large selection of floral wallpaper the perfect floral designs for babies and children. Decorate the room with a pattern of various flowers and birds, or put little accents in the form of a decorative fabric that you can use as a curtain or cushion cover.

Since the collection "Absolute Girl" includes many decorative fabrics and murals, it offers endless design options - even with your daughter. For example, discover the colorful stripes wallpaper that shows all colors of the rainbow and brings so much color to the room. To match this pattern wallpaper there can be found many colorful uni wallpapers in the collection. These bring quite dull and times with beautiful luster pigments freshness and sparkle to your girls’ nursery.

If your teens or children do not get enough of the summer, the pattern wallpaper with palm trees and flamingos are the hit: 

The colorful palm trees desire for the sun and the shiny flamingos dance along the wall. Perfect this: One of the murals on the subject of beach Feeling: Whether colorful street signs or motifs and lettering in pink-orange, these murals desire for the sun and become a highlight in the youth room.

For all fashion-conscious girls, there are also beautiful patterns on the subject of fashion: Paper icon Audrey Hepburn in the youth room and make the room so look creative and chic. A motif with pictures and newspaper articles in black and white creates in combination with a plain black or gray a sophisticated look.

Choose with your girl from the wallpaper collection "Absolutely Girls" the perfect subject for a modern nursery.

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