Girls Dreams - flowers, lettering and butterflies on paper-wallpaper for girls

The wellpapers from Girls Dreams offers a wide selection of wallpaper for girls room. Hearts, flags, butterflies and more. bring a playful and girlish mood in the children's bedroom. The matching fabrics make the girls room for your child perfectly well-being.

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Girls Dreams 436029-GLN124068356 creamy white paper border wallpaper birds
Item no.: 436029-GLN124068356
5,34 €/m26,72€*27,55 €
436029-GLN119274082 Girls Dreams 9637041 apple green stripes wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN119274082
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN123988020 Girls Dreams 994010 paper wallpaper creamy white
Item no.: 436029-GLN123988020
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN123932340 Girls Dreams light blue paper border wallpaper flags
Item no.: 436029-GLN123932340
5,34 €/m26,72€*27,55 €
Girls Dreams 436029-GLN116086578 Uni strawberry red paper wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN116086578
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN116092008 Girls Dreams light blue uni wallpaper paper wallpaper
Item no.: 436029-GLN116092008
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
436029-GLN124068258 Girls Dreams creamy white bird cage braid paper
Item no.: 436029-GLN124068258
5,34 €/m26,72€*27,55 €
Girls Dreams 436029-GLN110880256 flowers Voile transparent creamy white
Item no.: 436029-GLN110880256
34,91 €/m34,91€*36,00 €
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With the Girls Dreams wallpapers you can create havens for girls from babies through to teenagers. The collection features designs that every girl loves and create a beautiful ambience in the nursery:

Patchwork is bang on trend and lets the room of your girl's act creative and playful: hearts, buttons and flowers with checks and floral patterns are spread on a paper wallpaper on the walls in the nursery.

For all girls who love the Paris, the pattern wallpaper with many Paris-designs is a highlight: Sights and motifs like a mannequin and street signs are complemented by sweet butterflies and flowers and let the youth room as beautiful act romantic and dreamy. Perfect to can the wallpaper with Paris-Lettering be papered, the wall makes it shine with glossy letters and creates a modern look.

Animal fans rejoice on a wallpaper with butterflies: The Smalls decorated with floral patterns and flutter so on the wall in the room of your girl. A dot-wallpaper with shiny points completes the pattern and creates a modern and girlish overall picture.

The collection also shows a pattern-wallpaper with cute little birds: The birds flutter of a shiny cage to another and create together with a floral wallpaper a dreamy atmosphere in the girls room.

A colorful eye-catcher makes a mural in two different sizes:

Colorful flowers, hearts and butterflies adorn the wall in the girls room, creating a cheerful mood. The many colors of the mural can be beautifully combined to unis that emphasize the individual colors then again beautiful.

The special feature of the uni-series are the colors:

The colors range from mint- and apple-green to raspberry-red and pastel purple.

Choose a uni with luster pigments and leave the room so light shine.

Finally, the collection of Caselio scores with matching decorative fabrics and voiles that adorn the windows, furniture and beds of the girls.

Conjure up your girl a great children's room to play and dream.

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