Teen Boys - decorative fabrics, non-woven wallpapers and stickers for a modern youth room of the guys

Explore with the non-woven wallpaper of the collection "Teen Boys" cool murals, creative stickers and beautiful decorative fabrics - inspired by the popular cities London, New York and Co. Perfect for giving the youth room a new look!

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436039-LIF129018160 Teenie-Boys gray non-woven wallpaper squares youth room
Item no.: 436039-LIF129018160
3,53 €/m35,45€*36,54 €
436039-LIF124916434 Teenie-Boys London designs black and red stickers
Item no.: 436039-LIF124916434
26,33 €/Stück26,33€*27,16 €
436039-LIF128876130 Teenie-Boys red stripe pattern non-woven wallpaper boys
Item no.: 436039-LIF128876130
3,53 €/m35,45€*36,54 €
436039-LIF129093732 Teenie-Boys flight times vinyl mural black
Item no.: 436039-LIF129093732
39,48 €/Stück39,48€*40,70 €
436039-LIF128838126 Teenie-Boys gray decor fabric boys stripe pattern
Item no.: 436039-LIF128838126
27,31 €/m27,31€*28,16 €
Teenie-Boys 436039-LIF129059446 middle gray non-woven wallpaper plain wallpaper
Item no.: 436039-LIF129059446
3,32 €/m33,37€*34,40 €
436039-LIF129034606 Teenie-Boys gray stripe wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 436039-LIF129034606
3,53 €/m35,45€*36,54 €
436039-LIF125145138 Teenie-Boys cities lettering vinyl trim gray
Item no.: 436039-LIF125145138
8,07 €/m40,35€*41,60 €
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With the collection "Teen Boys", there is finally a way to make more of the youth room of the boys. Design with coordinated fabrics, stickers and murals modern overall pictures for young adults. 

Inspired by the famous cities of New York and London, the non-woven wallpaper collection displays many patterns, stripes and unis. 

A pattern wallpaper with lettering creates a young and modern look to the wall in the boys' room and is complemented beautifully by a stripe-wallpaper. Now even combine with bright or simple unis and the room image is perfect. 

Or customize the room with a non-woven wallpaper with modern wall look - in gray or flashy red acts this wallpaper like real stones on the walls, giving a great atmosphere. 

Also, forms can be found in the collection "Teen Boys": 

Shining stars provide along with a mural and the guitar pictured a rocking atmosphere that is perfect for music fans. 

Those who prefer something simpler, simply paper a pattern wallpaper with squares: 

Individual colors such as lemon-yellow stand next to white and gray tones out beautifully and put so little touches of color in the youth room. 

The highlight of the collection are its murals and vinyl trims: 

The motives of the skyline of New York and London’s attractions get real big-city flair to the room of your boys and draw on the wall each eye. 

Even the stickers and decorative fabrics invite you to be creative: 

Choose from the many possible combinations of stickers and decorate the youth room together with your teen. 

The decorative fabrics from 100% cotton are perfect for the room to make it cozy and set individual accents. 

See with the collection "Teen Boys" the perfect combination of decorative fabric, non-woven wallpaper and wall pictures for a great youth room of your boy.

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