Used Look - metal and wood optics for modern youth rooms in a used look

Natural tones, metal and wood optics and special murals can be found in the collection ”Used Look”. Especially the youth rooms get embellished and spiced up.

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423055-276494 Used Look sand-gray cable non-woven wallpaper
Used Look 423055-276454 black-gray non-woven houses
Item no.: 423055-276454
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
423055-276418 Used Look gray wood look-non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 423055-276418
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
423055-276440 Used Look petrol metal-look non-woven
Item no.: 423055-276440
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
Used Look 423055-276434 non-woven wallpaper brown suitcase
Item no.: 423055-276434
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
423055-276436 Used Look gray-blue metallic look non-woven
Item no.: 423055-276436
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
Used Look 423055-316406 mural metal look green
Item no.: 423055-316406
233,20 €/Stück233,20€*265,00 €
Used Look 423055-276450 gray-brown non-woven houses
Item no.: 423055-276450
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
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With the non-woven wallpaper collection “Used Look” modern optics and patterns come in the youth room of your teens. Whether wood, metal, wall or rope-optics, the rooms are naturally embellished and modern.

For those who like the natural optics shows “Used Look” three natural optics:

For one, you will find a destroyed metal-look, the slightly rusty creates a modern flair in the youth room of the guys. The natural rope texture with its natural colors even more for the girls who want a cozy youth room.

Finally, the wall-optic fits into any modern bedroom - just a matching uni and this one feels like in the big city.

As the name of the collection suggests, find vintage lovers also great patterned wallpaper in the non-woven wallpaper collection. A motif with various suitcases brings true vintage flair in the youth room of teenagers and makes the room appear more grown equal. A pattern with houses is romantic in the girls' room.

The highlight of the collection “Used Look” are the various murals.

Extravagant and special patterns decorate so the youth room whether it is a wall of books, Mosaic or a world map - the rooms of young people are the absolute highlight.

The colors of the collection are quite simple and natural, in colors such as beige, gray and taupe. Accents can be created with the colors of teal-blue and colorful this collection.

Discover the Collection “Used Look” natural colors and looks for a modern youth room to relax.

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