P+S International - high quality wallpapers with traditional production history

In this wallpaper collections put more than 130 years of performance and experience. On this page you will find unusual children wallpapers from the wallpaper manufacturer Pickhard and Siebert / PS International. The versatility of the collections are honour from P+S International.

The wallpaper manufacturer P+S International was founded in 1879 in Gummersbach. P+S stands for the founder Ernst Pickhardt and Rudolf and Adolf Siebert. First of all produced Pickhardt and Siebert only lincrusta imitations and oil pressure wallpapers. Even then, they sold worldwide. They started with the glue production shortly before the first World War, which was thereby stopped again.

P+S was supplying its old channels back in the 1920s and increased its market further and further. Production was stopped again by the second world war. But by this interruption, the company recovered and distributed its products and worldwide sales more and more. 

In 1963, P+S produced the first low pressure wallpaper with first time photo-realistic quality. Wood and marble imitations were the first lenses of the intaglio wallpaper. This was the high point of the entire production history. 

Also P+S International was a pioneer of wallpaper for ""home use"". And also for the environment they sat down and installed the early 80s, a pilot plant air cleaning. 

The 125-year anniversary celebrated by the manufacturer in 2004, the production included at this time. 

Paper-, acrylic-, embossed wallpapers and profile structure and flat vinyl wallpaper. 

The company P+S International has made it his goal to inspire through excellence, creative design and sound quality to its customers. 

Here they established rules and traditions are promising to be very important. 

With around 250 employees, the company is constantly working to strengthen its position as a major German and internationally active wallpaper manufacturer. In addition to the main location in Gummersbach, there are branches in Emmerke and Lehrte. In about 74 countries, P+S International has a presence and distributes his products.

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