Rasch Textil - Bimbaloo 2 - Playful Baby wallpaper and fabrics with pirates, animals and Ballerinas

Pure cuteness sprayed the long-awaited second Bimbaloo collection by Rasch Textil. Soft colors and emphasizes playful pattern wallpaper with matching decorative fabrics and trims are waiting for you.

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23-330433 Bimbaloo 2 Rasch Textil border Ballerinas turquoise Girl
Item no.: 23-330433
2,75 €/m13,76€*19,65 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-330389 border nursery pink Animals
Item no.: 23-330389
2,75 €/m13,76€*19,65 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-330167 star red beige paper wallpaper
Item no.: 23-330167
1,49 €/m14,91€*21,30 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-804644 decorative fabric pink ballerinas
Item no.: 23-804644
30,73 €/m30,73€*43,90 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-330440 Ballerina border pink girl
Item no.: 23-330440
2,75 €/m13,76€*19,65 €
23-330112 Bimbaloo 2 Rasch Textil light blue wallpaper Pirate Boy
Item no.: 23-330112
1,59 €/m15,86€*22,65 €
23-330297 Bimbaloo 2 Rasch Textil stripes gray beige girl
Item no.: 23-330297
1,59 €/m15,86€*22,65 €
Rasch Textil Bimbaloo 2 23-330228 diamonds paper wallpaper gray
Item no.: 23-330228
1,49 €/m14,91€*21,30 €
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The playful wallpaper and cozy acting decorative fabrics by the new Bimbaloo collection of Rasch Textil creates a baby room, inviting you to play and dream. Discover cute animal motifs, stars, pirates and ballerinas.

Small animal baby in balloons, are the first issue of Bimbaloo 2.

The bears, rabbits and ducks are flying around in their small cloud balloons and spread pure cuteness. In light blue, pink and light gray are perfect for boys and girls in the baby room.

Who can’t get enough of animals in the nursery the jungle animals are right. Elephant, lion and Co. relax comfortably on the paper wallpaper on the wall and let the kids room look playful and friendly. In beige and blue this pattern wallpaper looks very natural in the room the baby.

Stars are your kids with the star designs: whether as a braid or wallpaper - stars are timeless and always create a modern look.

With a mix of glossy and matte the stars are so the eye-catcher on the wall of the boys and girls. Diamonds and various stripes make the overall picture perfectly.

Perfect dances do the Ballerinas of the next pattern wallpaper from the collection of Rasch Textil. The little ballerinas dancing times with hat, sometimes with umbrella on the walls along and leave in pink, gray and yellow, a girlish look.

Finally, it's Ahoy Captain! With the funny pirate wallpaper of Bimbaloo 2. Many details and cool pirate motifs provide action and fun in the boys' room. A pattern wallpaper with clouds supports fresh appearance.

As combinations with these patterns wallpaper offers Rasch Textil many Voiles and decorative fabrics that are suitable for cushion covers and curtains and Plain wallpapers with a matte finish.

Be enchanted by the cute designs of the Bimbaloo 2 collection and create a unique nursery.

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