Rasch Textil - Comics and more - Disney and Marvel Comics on children wallpapers for cool kids

Create an adventurous children’s room with cartoon wallpaper with Superman, Batman and Co. and let your little heroes shine. The kids enjoy colorful paper wallpaper with Mickey Mouse and his friends that now tell their stories in the same room as your little ones.

Not only in movies or comics inspire the popular characters from Marvel and Disney. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck spread with this collection of Rasch Textil fun and joy in the children's bedroom.

Many bright colors and smooth surfaces complement the comic motifs beautiful and make for a colorful nursery.

Marvel fans will find exciting wallpaper for all ages:

The detailed Comics come on wallpaper in the room, will be a highlight and are great as an accent wall. Superman, Batman and other heroes fly there on the walls and make the kids a real scene.

As a combination of these comic wallpaper recommends Rasch Textil a beautiful matte uni and a flashy, colorful stripes wallpaper - so the room becomes a modern image.

Those who do not get enough from the cool heroes, or prefer something more simple - they paper the pattern wallpaper with individual blazons of the heroes in the nursery: The famous Batman blazon or Superman blazon spreads nicely over the walls and set individual accents.

More something for the smaller ones, the pattern wallpaper with Disney design from the collection of books and more are perfect: Mickey Mouse comes here on various designs on the wall: only as head for a cute appearance, sometimes as a motley, funny comic. Stripes are here again a popular combination possibility: whether in vertical or horizontal, wide or narrow strips are timeless and can be taken with great in the youth room.

Last but not least shows the children collection of Rasch Textil a modern Mickey Mouse Theme: In squares Mickey accuses his grimaces and brings so much fun in a dreary children’s room.

Rasch Textil comics and more features many fun and adventurous comic motifs for the children’s room of your little hero.

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