Rasch Textil - Disney Deco - wallpaper and murals with popular Disney Stars for children

Disney fans! The popular Disney stars such as Winnie the Pooh, the ice queen and Cars decorate with this wallpaper and murals baby and kids rooms of boys and girls. Fresh and bright colors bring to life wallpaper in the rooms.

Sweet Baby and kids rooms can be designed with the paper wallpaper collection Disney Deco by Rasch. Discover the Disney Stars now as wallpaper for your child's room.

For Baybs there are found in Disney Deco two cute pattern:

Once, Winnie the Pooh and his friends cuddle on fluffy clouds and bright colors like pink and baby blue in the room of the little ones.

Stars, large dots or unis offer as great combinations.

The second image depicts Donald, Mickey and Co. as babies who decorate the nursery with forms. These wallpapers are decorated in bright, fresh colors and combined with great marks.

For the kids and minis there are also two Minnie and Mickey motifs:

Once the two as self-trim decorate the nursery, the other time is only Minnie the star of the room: In sweet poses she adorns with her dress the wallpaper and trim in the room every girl.

For all Elsa fans there are wallpapers with the ice queen in the collection of Rasch Textil: Friends Olaf, Elsa and Anna decorate in pink, light blue and light purple girl rooms, decorated by small crystals and snowflakes create a fairytale world.

And auto and aircraft lovers do not miss: Opt for a boy's room with patterned wallpaper of cars from the famous films Cars and Planes - so jet planes and cars around on the wall and take action in the room of your boy.

Suitable for all Wallpapers and designs keeps the paper wallpaper collection Disney Deco by Rasch Textil great murals ready - perfect to round out the overall picture while creating an eye-catcher.

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