Rasch Textil – Disney Fantasy Deco – the popular Disney motifs on paper wallpapers for the children’s room

Rasch Textil presents in the children’s wallpaper collection „Disney Fantasy Deco” many famous Disney figures that found their place on colourful paper wallpapers. Little boys and girls are so able to admire their movie stars every day on their walls.

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Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-R35241 purple border ice queen
Item no.: 23-R35241
3,24 €/m16,22€*23,50 €
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-P30211 paper wallpaper Winnie Pooh blue
Rasch Textil Disney Fantasy Deco 23-S30304 beige uni wallpaper paper
Item no.: 23-S30304
1,90 €/m19,04€*27,60 €
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-MK3807 bright-blue fabric Mickey Mouse
Item no.: 23-MK3807
34,46 €/m34,46€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Disney Fantasy Deco 23-G30273 paper wallpaper grey spikes
Item no.: 23-G30273
1,79 €/m17,91€*25,95 €
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-R30252 princess rose paper wallpaper
Item no.: 23-R30252
1,90 €/m19,04€*27,60 €
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-K30233 bright-grey wallpaper paper
Item no.: 23-K30233
1,90 €/m19,04€*27,60 €
Disney Fantasy Deco Rasch Textil 23-R35252 border rose princess
Item no.: 23-R35252
3,24 €/m16,22€*23,50 €
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If for the newborn baby or for kindergarten children – the collection „Disney Fantasy Deco“ offers many paper wallpapers, fabrics and borders with cute and famous Disney characters that will change the whole room playfully. Send your little boys and girls to a unique trip through the Disney movies.

With the elephant Dumbo that is sleeping peaceful on clouds and the moon in the sky find especially the little children a cute wall design for wonderful dreams. Matching to this can the ambiance in the room gets rounded off perfectly with soft pattern wallpapers.

In the next series you find the famous bear Winnie Pooh that is capturing the babies’ room on a paper wallpaper playfully. In the colors bright-grey, pink or baby-blue the taste of your child will be hit assuredly. With the each matching fabrics can be created nice accessories like for example a nice curtain or cute pillows.

With the animals of “The Lion King” will the whole children room gets changed into an alive jungle. Simba, Timon and Co walk over a self- adhesive border through the whole room and give it so a playful and impressive character. So can the animals that can normally be seen just in the movie everyday on the wall.

Also on a paper wallpaper immortalized has the classic Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Co. Combined with the matching patterns and fabrics will the whole children’s room get changed into a unique eye-catcher.

A highlight of this children’s collection lays on the both Disney characters Anna and Elsa that are famous from the Disney movie “Frozen”. They enchant together with their friend the snowman Olaf the girl’s room. In combination with a stars-, stripes-, uni wallpaper or the matching fabric the whole room will change into a fairytale castle.

Girls will be happy about walls with magical Disney Princesses. With backgrounds in pink, beige or purple every little girl will find her perfect wallpaper. Matching to this there are always self-adhesive borders, colour matched pattern and uni wallpapers and a fabric in the each colour that result a perfect wall picture.

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