Rasch Textil - Everybody Bonjour - wallpaper and murals with patterns of circus to stars

Sassy, funny pattern wallpaper are just right for children. In the non-woven wallpaper collection Everybody Bonjour, see big points, cowboys, classic cars and much more- the matching murals round off the overall-picture.

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Everybody Bonjour 23-178702 Rasch Textil non-woven braid circus beige
Item no.: 23-178702
6,37 €/m31,83€*43,60 €
23-128712 Rasch Textil Everybody Bonjour creme animals non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-128712
4,17 €/m41,90€*57,41 €
23-138724 Rasch Textil Everybody Bonjour flowers pink non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138724
3,48 €/m35,00€*47,95 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-138708 Rasch Textil Star bright-green non-woven
Item no.: 23-138708
3,36 €/m33,80€*47,95 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-128706 Rasch Textil pastel green triangles
Item no.: 23-128706
4,17 €/m41,90€*57,41 €
23-138722 Rasch Textil Everybody Bonjour animals pink non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138722
3,48 €/m34,97€*47,90 €
Rasch Textil Little Bandits 23-128711 non-woven wallpaper dots mint smooth
Item no.: 23-128711
4,17 €/m41,90€*57,41 €
Everybody Bonjour 23-128702 Rasch Textil gray non-woven wallpaper Star
Item no.: 23-128702
3,36 €/m33,80€*57,41 €
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Creative designs and wallpapers with lots of variety can be found in the children's wallpaper collection Everybody Bonjour from Rasch Textil:

The circus is a place to connect with the child's play and fun - so perfect as wallpaper for the little ones. Whether as a border or pattern wallpaper juggle Clows there on the wall and circus animals show their tricks. Combine it with a graphic pattern with colorful triangles or a wallpaper with wood look perfect in order to create a special nursery.

Fans of Star motifs rejoice at Everybody Bonjour two star pattern: The first pattern shows a large star that is the highlight of the room, which is also for the older kids. The second motive is many smaller stars - which invite you to dream in the nursery. Here can be the wallpaper with cowboy motif combine beautiful or even a pattern wallpaper with many motifs of letters to numbers.

For the girls there are in the collection of Rasch Textil of course happy and playful flower pattern. The colorful flowers are spread over the wall and bring color to the children's room. Who can’t get enough of bright colors, which combines these wallpaper with matching points wallpaper: Big points or small dots are fun in the children's room.

Even striped wallpaper you see Everybody Bonjour: Straight stripe wallpapers are timeless and can be perfectly combined with the flags motif of the collection: The flags have different patterns and decorate any room.

The absolute highlight of the non-woven wallpaper collection are the murals: motifs such as circus, elephants, giraffes bring fun into the room, star images invite you to relax and dream and flowers bring a real sea of flowers in the room.

The Everybody Bonjour collection from Rasch Textil offers many great combinations and great pattern wallpapers bring variety to the nursery.

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