Rasch Textil – #FAB – trendy non-woven wallpapers with cool designs for stylish girls

In the wallpaper collection #FAB, the well-known wallpaper manufacturer Rasch Textil presents stylish non-woven wallpapers, with which great accents can be set in their own rooms. Send your girls with the trendy wallpaper on a trip to the fashion metropolis Paris.

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Rasch Textil #FAB 23-028826 non-woven wallpaper petrol camera bronze shine
Item no.: 23-028826
4,09 €/m41,06€*59,50 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-128829 black gold shining chequered non-woven wallpaper
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138810 non-woven wallpaper jeans optic dark-grey
Item no.: 23-138810
3,95 €/m39,67€*57,50 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138846 cream colorful polaroids non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138846
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138844 polaroids bright-grey non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138844
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
Little Bandits Rasch Textil hearts white silver non-woven wallpaper 23-138864
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138852 non-woven wallpaper black-copper letters
Item no.: 23-138852
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138868 non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138868
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
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You cannot just set a trend with fashion - an appealing and cool design of the four walls is becoming more and more important, especially in teenage years.

The wallpaper collection #FAB is especially aimed at those who are looking for a cool and trendy wall design in their room. Non-woven wallpapers with portraits or polaroids ensure that the four walls of your girls become fashionable eye-catchers.

Cool murals with several panels decorate the wall as a whole and leave an impressive look in the room. Whether the covers of well-known fashion magazines, Paris from above or a real-looking stone wall - the murals change the entire ambience in the room.

A real eye-catcher on the wall is the non-woven wallpaper with many different patterns, which bring together long stripes to the wall. For example, in various designs, the girls can choose between a flashy pink, a simple creamy white with nacre shiny patterns or black with a noble golden shine and listen to her fashionable heart.

A must-have on the wall are the non-woven wallpapers with finely drawn cameras, which shine particularly depending on the light. The girls feel like they're on the catwalk in the flurry of flashlights.

Matching glossy plain wallpapers complete every look and set a special eye-catcher in the room.

Small, hand-painted hearts give the Teenie Room a romantic ambience to feel good. The simple but special look on the wall also leaves enough room to combine the wallpaper with other patterns or plain wallpapers.

Also not missing in the room of a fashion-conscious girl is the non-woven wallpaper with portraits of different women. It provides a unique, stylish flair in the 4 walls.


The #FAB collection is full of freshness, glamor and uniqueness. Discover the versatility of this collection and how to change the look of an entire room with the help of a wallpaper. The stylish non-woven wallpapers and murals are optimally tailored to the needs and concerns of fashionable teenagers.

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