Rasch Textil – Favola – vinyl wallpapers with cute patterns for little girls and boys

With the new wallpaper collection “Favola” the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch Textil created cute wallpaper patterns that will decorate as well the girl’s as the boy’s room cute. A big choice of vinyl wallpapers and vinyl borders ensures a special room atmosphere in the children’s room.

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Rasch Textil Favola 23-303272 children's room beige uni wallpaper non-woven
Rasch Textil Favola 23-303280 children's room border dogs beige non-woven
Item no.: 23-303280
4,04 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
Rasch Textil Favola 23-303289 pattern border beige children's room
Item no.: 23-303289
4,04 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
Rasch Textil Favola 23-313239 wallpaper non-woven writing dark-blue
Item no.: 23-313239
2,01 €/m20,22€*29,95 €
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From cute bears that are sleeping peacefully up to cool world map motifs offers Favola by Rasch Textil the perfect wallpaper in the right color for every taste. 58 vinyl wallpapers and 14 vinyl borders have been designed to give your littlest a perfect wall design.

Beginning with little cute bears that ensure an enchanting appearance in the baby’s room and leave so an unmistakable ambiance, Favola offers a cute wall design that can be used perfectly as well in the girls as in the boy’s room. Matching to this one can create with the each matching pattern and uni wallpapers in soft colors an individual and special flair.

For girls, the series with cute dogs that are lined up side by side on a border either in beige, mint or pink, is a special highlight. For this you can find vinyl wallpapers with little dots and hearts that add the pattern wallpapers perfectly. 

A further highlight in Favola is the series of the vinyl wallpapers with pink cupcakes that will sweeten the whole optic of the children’s room. Matching to this you find a wide border with a colorful pattern that will let every girl’s eyes shine. Either a soft pink or a fresh mint will find its place on every wall. 

Also the little boys will find a wallpaper for their children’s collection. World map motifs in grey, beige-grey, creme-beige or dark-blue offer the little discoverer a big choice for the perfect wall design. 

With a cool pattern in nature colors every boy’s room will get designed impressively. In this connection arises an unmistakable optic that will leave an impressive safari-feeling.

From vinyl wallpapers with motifs for the baby’s room to patterns for already somewhat larger children – Favola is wide to give every children’s room the perfect wall design with cute motifs in their favorite colors.

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