Rasch Textil - New Age - paper wallpaper in retro style for the youth room of girls and boys

New Age of Rasch Textil brings with its distinctive pattern wallpapers living in the youth room. Signs, splash of color, polaroids and other motifs spread with colorful colors fun in the room of boys and girls. So New Age brings a modern look in the favorite room of the teenagers.

Rasch Textil leaves with its modern wallpaper from the collection of New Age no youth room boring back. Discover in paper wallpaper collection many fancy pattern for the youth room.

If you like the style of the 50 ‘S, which would be in New Age on a diner motif, reminiscent of old cafes and diners, as well as colorfulsSigns and waitresses in pin-up style. Matte or times glossy creates this wallpaper as a modern flair in the girls' room.

The next shot is perfect for collectors and photo enthusiasts. Various Polaroids are spread over the wall and let each photo so get his own place in the girls room. Perfect to have a wallpaper with wood finish and a uni with mottled look.

Various colors adorn the wall at the next wallpaper. The color is distributed so beautiful in the youth room and brings life to the room. Whether in pink, taupe or beige - with this pattern you will achieve a special appearance in the room of girls and boys. If you like it even more striking that this wallpaper is a wallpaper with a house wall motif that creates a cool feeling right papered with colorful paint and graffiti.

For real vintage feeling the wallpaper with multiple suitcases is perfect. The cases are stacked on top of each other and remember the old times - perfect to set a contemporary accent in the youth room. About traveling fits perfectly because the wallpaper with travel stamps make you want to travel and creates a creative atmosphere.

PC and animation fans will find a colorful animation scene with many small details which makes for fun in the youth room. This allows your teen look forward to a wallpaper on his hobby.

The last subject is for all America fans: classic cars and street signs bring a cool and casual look to the room of the boys and make you want an adventure. The stripe pattern with great color combinations can be as great complemented.

Design with colorful and modern patterned wallpaper in the collection New Age of Rasch Textil special youth rooms are spread with fun.

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