Rasch Textil – Regatta Crew Surf Edition – non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers cater for summer feelings

Holidays on the beach – This collection by Rasch Textil brings this beach feeling in your rooms. The wallpapers are in colour groups like blue, taupe, green and rose and convince every child with the individual designs. Motifs like for example anchors or compasses are backed by some plain stripes wallpapers or wallpapers with a chequered pattern in harmonic colours.

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23-138815 Regatta Crew Rasch Textil wood effect non-woven wallpaper brown
Item no.: 23-138815
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-138955 wallpaper photos Surfer gray
Item no.: 23-138955
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
Rasch Textil 23-138964 Regatta Crew wallpaper anchor silver glossy
Item no.: 23-138964
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
23-138960 Regatta Crew Rasch Textil lettering wallpaper mistletoe green green
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-138975 non-woven wallpaper white anchor blue
Item no.: 23-138975
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
Regatta Crew Rasch Textil 23-128873 non-woven wallpaper anchor black white
Item no.: 23-128873
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
Rasch Textil 23-138819 Regatta Crew non-woven wallpaper checkered blue red
Item no.: 23-138819
3,53 €/m35,48€*47,95 €
23-138947 Regatta Crew Rasch Textil stars non-woven wallpaper gray
Item no.: 23-138947
3,39 €/m34,04€*46,01 €
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The collection “Regatta Crew Surf Edition” by Rasch Textil includes many different motifs in a modern beach look made for every child’s room

The collection bids many different non-woven wallpapers with motifs which recalls the beach and the sea. Because of the child-friendly and stylish wallpapers every girls and every boy finds the perfect wallpaper.

A wallpaper with anchors is one example. This wallpaper exists like many other wallpapers of the collection in different colours. This range of colours bids the perfect wallpaper for little beach fans. To hit the taste of girls the collection includes some wallpapers in rose which look good together with wallpapers in light blue or a light green.

Beside wallpapers with motifs the collection bids some wallpapers to combine. There are for example bright and discreet wallpapers with stripes or a chequered pattern to make a room with a dark blue wallpaper friendlier. To bid the kids a modern room the collection scores with modern and stylish wallpapers.

Many different photo wallpapers reveal an extra highlight of this collection. For girls Regatta Crew Surf Edition offers a mural with flamingos and palm trees. The boys are convinced with photographs from a sailboat or a surfer in a big wave. This photo wallpapers create the kids rooms to a big eye catcher.

Be inspired by the collection “Regatta Crew Surf Edition” by Rasch Textil and create your kids a unique room.

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