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Rasch wallpapers - Kids wallpaper, borders, stickers, murals and fabrics

With children wallpapers and fabrics of Rasch are childrenrooms to castles, dangerous dragon caves but also to spaces for relaxing and dreaming. The high-quality products quickly prove their worth through quality materials and innovative designs.

Our children grow there every day. And with each stage of life is to be a place to relax, play, learn and also dreams also the nursery. With wallpaper by Rasch You can make children individually. The wallpaper collections are divided in baby, children, teen, girl and boy. 

Already in 1861, the company quickly became established with headquarters in Bramsche. At that time carried the wallpaper print with wooden molds and be operated manually with a 4-color rotary printing press. 

1901 the first sale of homes and offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London were opened. Also in Melbourne and Sydney, the company quickly represented since 1912.

The wallpaper manufacturer of well-known artists and designers was supported in the design early on. They developed unique collections of different eras. In some works exhibitions of artists were exhibited. 

In the 80s, quickly brought out for the first time a complete wallpaper collection for the nursery. With a relief wallpaper collection presents Rasch unique structure and relief wallpaper, which were prepared by screen printing technique. 

2006, production in Poland is extended. In 2012, a new product structure is introduced to strengthen the brand quickly. ""Taste"", ""style"" and ""rasch 1861,"" are the three segments and form a new range structure. 

""Taste"" stands for tasteful design of patterns and colors. ""Style"" presents unique and extravagant designs and ""rasch 1861"" characterizes imaginative colors and bold effects. 

Most recently, the segment belongs to ""rasch ecomotion"" also to the range. These products consist of up to 60% recycled paper and are processed from water-based inks and crushed stone for sparkling effects. 

Rasch sees his challenge is to create a balance between tradition and modernity, to transmit important values for families on the company structure and to connect new and innovative.

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