Rasch - Bambino XVIII – A colorful and playful change for the nursery

The "Bambino XVIII" collection by Rasch offers a wide range of possibilities to decorate the rooms of your toddlers. From dinosaur wallpaper to star motifs everything is in a beautiful color combination.

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Bambino XVIII 7-249156 Rasch yellow triangles pattern wallpaper paper
Item no.: 7-249156
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Bambino XVIII 7-245240 Rasch stars wallpaper paper stars green
Item no.: 7-245240
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-531701 Lions non-woven wallpaper jungle light beige
Item no.: 7-531701
2,43 €/m24,46€*34,95 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-842227 white mural lion mane non-woven
Item no.: 7-842227
83,96 €/Stück83,96€*119,95 €
Bambino XVIII 7-249347 Rasch white blue dinosaur wallpaper guys
Item no.: 7-249347
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-531602 stripes oblique light blue white wallpaper
Item no.: 7-531602
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
7-246049 Rasch Bambino XVIII dark blue white stripess wallpaper
Item no.: 7-246049_2
1,08 €/m10,81€*15,45 €
Bambino XVIII 7-842272 Rasch lion mural non-woven mane rose
Item no.: 7-842272
83,97 €/Stück83,97€*119,95 €
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Beautify all your children's rooms with the sweet wallpaper patterns of the collection "Bambino XVIII" by Rasch and set beautiful accents.

This collection offers many possibilities to decorate your child's room. Whether it's the dinosaur wallpaper for boys, or the pink wallpaper with flower motifs for girls, all these wallpaper patterns are a great choice to decorate your kids' room.

For the girl’s room, the wallpaper pattern with the rainbows and floral motifs is perfect. The star motif is also a good choice for your toddler. This is a cute way to shape the walls.

For the boy’s room you can choose a dinosaur wallpaper. This is very playful and associated with a soft color choice. Give your children a relaxing feeling while playing and sleeping with these lovely wallpaper patterns.

A great eye-catcher from the collection "Bambino XVIII" are the cute murals. Various animals from Africa in a savannah or in a jungle conjure up a smile on every child's face.

To round off these wallpaper patterns in the selected room, you can use a matching uni wallpaper or even a striped wallpaper. These complete the room and give a nice room ambience.

You can also decorate your interior with this collection. Cover your pillows with the beautiful colors of the collection, or add extra touches with a matching curtain.

Rasch offers you many possibilities with the collection "Bambino XVIII" to redesign a nursery and to set cute accents.

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