Rasch - Bambino 17 - Children wallpaper and decorative fabrics with animals, stars and airplanes

In the paper wallpaper collection Bambino 17 by Rasch many animals have a place: Whether from the circus, forest or farm. Furnishing fabrics with stars or stripes create a modern children’s room from small to large, which invites you to relax.

Since the late 70s Rasch created every 2 years a new Bambino collection. Bambino 17 shows sweet animal patterns, fresh colors and modern decorative fabrics. Let yourself be inspired by the new patterns of the Bambino collection.

The first pattern shows farm animals, spread over the paper wallpaper in the nursery and create a friendly nursery in fresh tones. As combination leaves a points wallpaper with little dots the walls appear playful.

A naughty garden party with many sweet wild animals decorated with many details, the maid's room. A wide border sets highlights in the girls room and can be combined perfectly with a plain wallpaper.

The last animal pattern from Bambino 17 adorns the children’s room with funny circus animals. Stars and many animals from the circus bring fun in the children's room.

The slightly older kids enjoy modern stars in the nursery: Whether as a braid, big star or than many smaller stars - the kid’s room gets so an entirely new look. Perfect to be combined are stripes.

Exciting it is with the pattern wallpaper with London-Scene: The famous London landmark decorate the nursery in red, blue and white and bring adventure in the children's room.

Speaking of Adventure: For the guys, there is another, exciting design: Many aircraft jet get as a paper wallpaper on the wall and bring the boy's hobby in his nursery.

To match the pattern wallpaper keeps Bambino 17 many high quality decorative fabrics and stores ready to make the overall picture in the nursery perfect.

Explore the new, modern pattern wallpaper by the Rasch collection Bambino 17 creating are children’s room to relax and feel good.

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