Rasch – Kids and Teens 2 – from the small child up to the Teen – matching pattern wallpapers for every age

From colorful wallpapers with sweet motifs for the baby room up to graffiti’s on stone wall optics – the second edition of the wallpaper collection “Kids and Teens” by Rasch offers the all-round package of wallpapers for every child and every age. With colorful, happy colors and fascinating pattern you change the child’s room into the favorite room of your child.

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Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-515619 light-gray uni wallpaper non-woven child
Item no.: 7-515619
1,86 €/m18,69€*25,95 €
7-517903 Kids and Teens 2 Rasch children colorful dots non-woven wallpaper
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-292312 non-woven galaxy blue-purple glow
Item no.: 7-292312
1,29 €/m12,92€*17,95 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-700350 child uni-wallpaper concrete gray non-woven
7-293104 Kids and Teens 2 Rasch horse paper wallpaper brown-green
Item no.: 7-293104
1,00 €/m10,04€*13,95 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-293005 birds paper wallpaper beige colorful
Item no.: 7-293005
1,00 €/m10,04€*13,95 €
Rasch Kids and Teens 2 7-248104 dark blue stars paper
Item no.: 7-248104
1,00 €/m10,04€*13,95 €
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Colorful wallpapers for every age for boys and also for girls offers the new wallpaper collection by the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch.

Diverse pattern are as well non-woven wallpapers as paper wallpapers implemented and are thus perfect coordinated to the new children’s room.

No matter if boy or girl – the different pattern and motifs will meet every claim and round the children room perfect.

Girls are happy about glittering walls which look like fairy dust on the walls. Another highlight for every girl is the paper wallpaper with different cosmetics motifs which look on the wall incomparable and let them feel already in young years like a little princess.

For boys, there is a wide selection of wallpapers in this collection which are precisely tailored to their wishes.

For example the beige paper wallpaper with construction site pattern is the little boys

Especially by their natural look.

Whoever is no longer in the age of farmyard or construction site tapestries will find the optimal solution for the teen room with the colorful graffiti pattern on a dark gray stone wall.

A very special eye-catcher is the silver-gray paper wallpaper, which shows unique knight equipment’s and gives the children's room a cool and distinctive flair.

The paper wallpaper, which is a purple-blue galaxy, is particularly popular with children. In two different versions, Rasch offers two alternatives that will please every child. The special feature of one of the two versions is that it illuminates in the dark, and thus the stars can be viewed at night.

With a non-woven wallpaper with cute animals and colorful figures, the children learn their first words all by themselves as if in flight.

This collection of children's bags is also incomparable in the non-woven wallpaper with house motifs, the windows of which are shining in the dark. With three alternatives in a fresh apple green, a simple taupe and radiant fuchsia, there is enough choice to perfectly place the children's room in the right color.

Part of the collection of wallpapers are also paper able papers, in which the child can determine which colors the wall carries. Various birds sit on branches and wait to be painted colorful.

The light-brown wood optics, which are especially eye-catching in the children's room, have a particularly natural effect. The paper wallpaper in gray and beige tones with forest motifs is suitable for this purpose.

In this wallcovering collection of Rasch every child is offered the right pattern in the right color. The combination of non-woven and paper wallpaper gives the parents enough choice to find the perfect wallpaper for the children's room.

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