Sanderson- Abracazoo - wallpaper and decorative fabrics with designs of animals, fairy tales and treasure maps

Design with the paper wallpaper and decorative fabrics from the collection Abracazoo of Sanderson baby and child’s rooms. Cute and funny animal patterns, magical fairies and ballet designs and adventurous treasure cards and balloons make great children's worlds for children.

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43-234117 Sanderson - Abracazoo plaid pattern cream for decoration
Item no.: 43-234117
53,50 €/m53,50€*55,74 €
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-223899 light beige forest animals for decoration
Item no.: 43-223899
63,50 €/m63,50€*67,38 €
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-234112 decortaion fabric blue stripe pattern
Item no.: 43-234112
53,50 €/m53,50€*55,74 €
43-233924 Sanderson - Abracazoo white decorative fabric letters Zoo
Item no.: 43-233924
14,88 €/m149,50€*158,03 €
43-214017 Sanderson - Abracazoo paper light beige Forest Animals
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-244134 decortaion fabric Uni Jeans Blue Kids
Item no.: 43-244134
54,89 €/m54,89€*58,80 €
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-214035 Baby Blue Horse paper wallpaper
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Animal lovers will find in the collection Abracazoo definitely the right motive.

Just select from the following pattern wallpaper of your child's favorite animal from you may already going on the design of the nursery go:

Cute zoo animals play with letters on the wall in the baby room and so make learning the alphabet to a very light game.

If you like it quite natural and warm, then decide for a beautiful scene with wild safari animals that make the kids room appear cozier.

Especially nice is the wallpaper with different animals from the forest, which conjures up such an amazing animal world in the nursery and makes a cute effect.

For the girls a great vintage pattern with decorated horses is perfect:

The horses and ponies are decorated with colorful flowers and let the girls room right look chic and special.

The last animal pattern of the collection of Sanderson is acting naughty and funny at the same time:

Some dogs wear shoes and bring a lot of yellow in color and variety in the room of the boys.

Also, two dreamy patterns are to find in the collection Abracazoo:

Perfect for all the little ballerinas is a wallpaper with ballet shoes, feathers and shiny bows - the girl's room looks so chic and elegant.

All dreamers look forward to a wonderful fairy tale motif with all the trimmings: cute fairies fly around a with flowers decorated Fairytale Castle and transform the nursery into a fairy tale world to tuch.

Finally, Sanderson has prepared the right artwork for little explorers: Choose from a great treasure map motif with many animals and details for a unique pirate world in the nursery or let your kids fly up high with a balloon motif.

For all patterned wallpaper the collection Abracazoo offers you at least three great decorative fabrics for combination – so nothing stands in the way of a perfect matching decorated child’s room.

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