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Texdecor - a French wallpaper manufacturer with his brands Caselio and Casadeco

The French manufacturer Texdecor presented with his brands Casadeco and Caselio great kids wallpaper. The detailed patterns and tasteful colors transform the space into a unique nursery.

The company was founded in 1974 Texdecor in France. Innovation and trendsetting wall designs are the challenges and objectives of the wallpaper manufacturer. In order to meet the challenges of trendy wall designs, the company is constantly around the world in search of new trends and influences. 

Texdecor divided into four brands. Casamance, Casa Deco, Caselio and Texdecor itself constitute a large product variety. 

In the children's area Casa Deco and Caselio are major brands that have become well established in the market and are not to be imagined. By their very own style 
At any kids wallpaper collection Casa Deco and Caselio offers decorative fabrics and decoration fabric. There is a matching fabric, which can be ordered by the meter for every wallpaper pattern. From the fabric can be pillows, sheets or curtains sew myself then. Often, however, there are already existing bed linen, cushion covers or curtains, which can then be decorated as a decorative fabric directly to the nursery. 

But murals and borders are an integral part, which are offered by Texdecor to any collection. You beautiful accents and conjure the kids a beam in the face. 
Texdecor offers its customers an all-round package with great innovative patterns and colors in the form of wallpaper, borders, murals, decorative fabrics and decoration fabric. Thus, you can set up a complete nursery in a modern style. 

But also on eco-friendly materials such as wallpaper, attaches great importance Texdecor. Especially in children, it should be as environmentally friendly. 
Find great, modern, colorful patterns that appeal to your children guaranteed and create a cozy nursery to feel comfortable with wallpapers from Texdecor.

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