Casadeco - Alice & Paul - children's wallpaper with wild animals, hearts and circus designs

Cute decorative fabrics, murals and magical wallpaper for babies and children keeps the Alice & Paul collection from Casadeco. Hearts, houses, animals and circus motifs give the kids room of the boys and the girls a new look.

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36-AEP22639136 Alice & Paul Casadeco gray uni wallpaper paper
Item no.: 36-AEP22639136
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28114435 Circus wallpaper pink paper
Item no.: 36-AEP28114435
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP58045146 uni wallpaper light purple glitter
Item no.: 36-AEP58045146
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28054434 star paper wallpaper pink
Item no.: 36-AEP28054434
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP22635125 light purple uni wallpaper paper
Item no.: 36-AEP22635125
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28182029 mural heart-blue pink
Item no.: 36-AEP28182029
114,45 €/Stück114,45€*118,00 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP12997201 uni wallpaper apple green boy
Item no.: 36-AEP12997201
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28262014 heart fabric panel pink
Item no.: 36-AEP28262014
132,16 €/Stück132,16€*136,26 €
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Create with the nursery wallpaper, borders and fabrics of the Alice & Paul collection from Casadeco special spaces for your little one. The modern wallpaper immerse the room of your kids in fresh colors.

Girls look forward to a creative circus motif, with juggling, horse and tamer. Pink, gray and bright blue bring gentle, nice color to the room and provide so for well being.

For those who prefer animals that adorns the girl bedroom with pink butterflies, fluttering merrily on the walls in the nursery. As a highlight, you can bet on one of the murals of the collection: hearts, heart balloons, a deer and many others are the focal point in the room and create unique space images.

In order to create a great overall picture in the nursery, the Alice & Paul Collection holds a lot of fabric panels and decorative fabrics for you. From these we can sew a matching bedding or curtain to the wallpaper if you want.

The boys are looking forward to the baby and children room with wild animals and cozy pandas that adorn the walls. A wide border with fresh colors and wild jungle animals like tigers and leopard brings adventure in the boy's room.

The pandas are playing happily on her tree and seem through shades like gray and green very natural in the nursery.

As a combination to the great pattern wallpaper of children's collection, Alice & Paul offers many uni wallpaper also with luster pigments and various stripes wallpaper that put the overall picture in the nursery together.

Discover with Alice & Paul of Casadeco modern and natural motifs on pattern wallpaper, murals and decorative fabrics for a cheerful kids room from the very beginning.

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