Casadeco – My Little World – magical non-woven wallpapers with cute motifs for the littlest

The non-woven wallpapers of the collection “My Little World” by Casadeco let the children room shine new and special. With soft motifs ensure the wallpapers, murals and fabrics that the youngest will feel well in their own empire.

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36-MWS29931111 Casadeco - My Little World Texdecor decorative fabric
Item no.: 36-MWS29931111
60,77 €/m60,77€*62,65 €
Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MLW29886036 non-woven wallpaper blue
Item no.: 36-MLW29886036
3,71 €/m37,25€*38,40 €
Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MWS29955535 decorative fabric
Item no.: 36-MWS29955535
60,77 €/m60,77€*62,65 €
36-MLW29756430 Casadeco - My Little World Texdecor non-woven wallpaper blue
Item no.: 36-MLW29756430
3,71 €/m37,25€*38,40 €
36-MWS29976731 Casadeco - My Little World Texdecor decorative fabric
Item no.: 36-MWS29976731
29,44 €/m29,44€*30,35 €
Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MLW29792536 non-woven wallpaper gelb grün
Item no.: 36-MLW29792536
3,71 €/m37,25€*38,40 €
36-MLW29855212 Casadeco - My Little World Texdecor Borte beige lila
Item no.: 36-MLW29855212
5,58 €/m27,89€*28,75 €
Texdecor Casadeco - My Little World 36-MLW29771317 non-woven wallpaper beige
Item no.: 36-MLW29771317
3,82 €/m38,37€*39,56 €
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The wall design in the room of your little ones is not always as easy. The collection “My Little World” by the wallpaper manufacturer Casadeco offers a big choice of non-woven wallpapers, borders, murals and matching fabrics with whom the choose of the right wall design will be certainly easier. As well for boys as for girls there are the matching wallpapers according to their wishes and imaginations.

With a mural in bright-grey or cream-white on that you can see little picture frames with photos from different animals, the whole wall will become to a unique eye-catcher that creates an enjoyable atmosphere in the children’s room.

Cute elephants that are flying little colourful kites spread over a creme-white non-woven wallpaper. Matching to those the children’s room can get decorated with a nice border, soft pattern and uni wallpapers. With the compatible fabrics you can create amazing decoration possibilities like e.g. a curtain or some pillows.

Soft curved writings convey especially in the babies room a natural and soft atmosphere. The cute design in soft colours like creme-white, pink or bright-grey guarantees sweet dreams.

Non-woven wallpapers with colorful blossom- and flower patterns ensure fresh spring feelings. Colourful birds sit on gentle boughs that are going over a border made of paper. Little girls will love their new wall design and will feel well immediately.

Let your little ones go on a trip to their dreams. The non-woven wallpaper with little hot air balloons that are flying over a dotted non-woven wallpaper radiates by its tender design naturalness and freshness on every wall in the children’s room. 

Not just for all nature lovers is the non-woven wallpaper with cute foxes that are walking through a forest a highlight. The design will be liked by boys as well as by girls. With a non-woven wallpaper with nature motifs the children’s room will change into a natural forest.

Little bears that are on the hunt for fishes between waves can get combined with matching fabrics and wallpapers to create an all-around perfect wall picture.

Among the colorful non-woven wallpapers, murals, borders and fabrics the new wall covering will be found certainly fast. The claims of the little girls and boys get fulfilled in the wallpaper collection “My Little World”.

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