Caselio - Oh la la - wallpaper with butterflies, London designs and dots for the girls room

Fresh, colorful and cheerful, is the new paper-wallpaper collection Oh la la by Caselio. Butterflies, deer, London motifs and colorful birdhouses bring the eyes of the girls to shine - whether children or teen. The matching murals offer great design possibilities.

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Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66364004 flower fabric taupe
Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66264009 flowers pink paper
36-OLA66195012 Caselio - Oh la la Texdecor White butterflies
36-OLA66343002 Caselio - Oh la la Texdecor fabric strips creme
36-OLA66185094 Caselio - Oh la la Texdecor White butterflies
Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66335089 butterflies fabric
Item no.: 36-OLA66335089
31,67 €/m31,67€*32,65 €
36-OLA66261000 Caselio - Oh la la Texdecor flower gold paper
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From child to teeny you a make merry nursery for girls with the wallpaper, fabrics and murals of the collection Oh la la from Caselio. The wallpapers are 100% PVC-free and therefore safe for your children.

Butterflies are a major theme of the collection, these decorate in soft pink or turquoise fresh the room the girls. Times in combination with dragonflies or even with flowers, the animals seem romantic and playful in the girls' room.

In addition you can combine the stripe wallpaper with different stripe pattern beautiful and also a uni with beautiful luster pigments conjure up a beautiful princess room.

The colorful birdhouse wallpaper brings life and variety into a boring nursery. Colorful butterflies, postcards and birdhouses decorate the girls' room and bring a lot of color on the walls. You can do this nicely combine the wallpaper with wood look, this supports the birdhouse look in the nursery again.

For those who love a good mood, oh la la holds a colorful dots wallpaper ready: The points act on the wall like confetti. These can be combined beautifully with the sayings wallpaper. Words like "Happiness" and "love" are there complemented by colorful lines and dressed so beautifully on the walls in the girl’s room.

Teens are happy with the collection of Caselio over many London motifs for girls: Whether a wide London-border, landmark or even sayings and words that are inspired by London - everybody will find London fan the right motive.

In order to achieve the perfect overall picture in the girls room offers Oh la la murals and great decorative fabrics from 100 % cotton, so that you can create great spaces that are completely decorated and coordinated.

Discover in the paper wallpaper collection Oh la la from Caselio many great girl motifs for a beautiful girl’s room.

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