Caselio - Only Boys - football, cars, pictures of London and stars on paper wallpaper for boys

Sports fans come in paper wallpaper collection from Caselio to their money: patterns about cars, football and motocross bring the adventure in the nursery. Even Star explorers and London fans will find in Boys Only the favorite matching motif. Stickers, self-adhesive borders and decorative fabrics round the young world off.

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Only Boys 36-OLB64801010 taupe paper wallpaper Football font
36-OLB64806000 Only Boys Football font blue paper wallpaper
Item no.: 36-OLB64806000
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
36-OLB64739090 Only Boys cream-white paper wallpaper cars
Item no.: 36-OLB64739090
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
36-OLB64827070 Only Boys Vinyl border cream-white Motocross
Item no.: 36-OLB64827070
7,02 €/m35,11€*36,20 €
36-OLB59658000 Only Boys red uni wallpaper wallpaper paper boy
36-OLB64737000 Only Boys cream-white paper wallpaper cars
Item no.: 36-OLB64737000
2,82 €/m28,32€*29,20 €
36-OLB57919120 Only Boys uni wallpaper paper wallpaper black
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The Only Boys collection from Caselio transformes the boy's room with fabrics, stickers, borders and wallpaper into a real playground. Football players, car lovers and star finder look forward to cool designs just for boys.

Sketches of modern cars are distributed with the pattern wallpaper on the walls and create a real car paradise in the boy's room. The colors red, green and gray set color accents and can be combined with great unis. To enhance the effect adventurous yet, paper the tire tracks wallpaper with various car tracks for a great alternative to a strip wallpaper.

Also the next pattern creates an exciting effect: Cool Motocrossers jet in orange, blue and green on the walls in the nursery. A wallpaper with splashes of color complements the motocross pattern beautifully and creates a special effect. Wallpaper a gaudy uni to finish and ready is an adventurous boy's room.

Another sports motif shows footballers who play football on the wallpaper to the bet. With great color gradients, for example, in green-blue they bring fun and color into the nursery. Perfect to fit the appropriate stripe wallpaper providing for lots of modernity. Finally, you can still spice individual unis with football stickers of the collection.

London fans! Red, blue and black pictures of London create with Boys Only a great urban feel and modern look in the boy's room. This wallpaper can be assumed perfectly in the youth room. For this purpose, a suitable decorative fabric and you have the kids feel comfortable.

Also explorers get at the wallpaper collection from Caselio something for their money:
A zodiac sign is complemented by stars and encourages the boy to dream and explore. Also perfect for the little ones.

Find the collection Boys Only the matching wallpaper, borders and decorative fabrics for a cozy, adventurous boy's room.

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