Caselio – Pretty Lili – magical wallpapers for the girl’s room

With the wallpapers of the children’s collection “Pretty Lili” you find the perfect wallpaper for the children’s room of your girl. Between colourful flowers and silver shining stars offers the collection a big choice of patterns and colours for the wall.

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36-PRLI69114030 Caselio - Pretty Lili Texdecor Border pink butterfly
Item no.: 36-PRLI69114030
6,06 €/m30,31€*31,25 €
Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI69114055 Border purple butterflies
Item no.: 36-PRLI69114055
6,06 €/m30,31€*31,25 €
36-PRLI69225005 Caselio - Pretty Lili Texdecor paper wallcovering purple deer
Item no.: 36-PRLI69225005
2,87 €/m28,86€*29,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI58045074 paper wallcovering purple
Item no.: 36-PRLI58045074
2,87 €/m28,86€*29,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI59657046 paper wallcovering apple-green
Item no.: 36-PRLI59657046
2,87 €/m28,86€*29,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI69244077 paper wallcovering green circles
Item no.: 36-PRLI69244077
2,87 €/m28,86€*29,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI69194017 writing border pink paper
Item no.: 36-PRLI69194017
6,06 €/m30,31€*31,25 €
36-PRLI66329275 Caselio - Pretty Lili Texdecor uni paper wallpaper stone-gray
Item no.: 36-PRLI66329275
2,87 €/m28,86€*29,75 €
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Caselio presents with the cute children’s wallpaper collection “Pretty Lili” paper wallpapers that are perfectly matched to the wishes and needs of the girls.

The eyes of your little girls will shine at looking at the diverse and colourful wallpaper. Between colourful butterflies and bright uni wallpapers will be the new wallpaper for the child’s room found quickly.
With the flowery world map motifs in different models the little girls go on a trip to their dreams, far away from reality and the everyday life. Matching to this there are each bright and simple uni wallpapers and a fabric with little colorful flowers.

Wallpapers with colorful flowers let the wall look like a big natural and fresh flower meadow that give the children’s room an alive optic directly.

Especially magical moments leave silver shining stars on a creme-white paper wallpaper. Furthermore conjure silver or gold glossing houses a special ambiance into the girl’s room.

Nacre shining and glittering uni wallpapers ensure moreover unmistakable highlights.

In the series with soft painted trees and deer find the little girls guaranteed the perfect wall design for their walls.

A special natural optic brings the paper wallpaper with little colorful butterflies that are flying over the wall magical. With the matching border and the matching fabric will become the room designing to a real eye-catcher and your little girls will feel good guaranteed.

Big circles that are filled with different patterns in different colours set as wall panel a stylish highlight in the girl’s room.

For an especially cool ambiance in the child’s room care the paper wallpapers with colourful writings. Combined with a paper wallpaper with wall optic gets the room a unique flair. The paper wallpaper with pin board optic shows impressive pictures in the style of the young girls.

Find among the many paper wallpapers, fabrics and wall panels with different motifs and patterns the perfect wallpaper and give your little girls a magical wall design to feel good.

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