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Fabrics and Textiles - furnishing fabrics and curtains for the girl and boy rooms

In our category fabrics and textiles can be found to suit our wallpapers, whether striped, plain or with patterns, a selection of fabrics and curtains from decorative fabric up to the voile, burn-out or side scarf. Perfect combinations of design for little girls and little boys in the nursery.

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Casadeco Alice & Paul 36-AEP28264233 fabric panel Heart pink-gray
Item no.: 36-AEP28264233
132,16 €/Stück132,16€*136,26 €
Dekostoff Girl Purple White Dots Caselio - Girl Power 36-GPR100935515
Item no.: 36-GPR100935515
31,82 €/m31,82€*32,80 €
Rasch Bambino XVIII 7-836065 transparent fabric patch soft
Item no.: 7-836065
25,86 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
36-jul-19067111 Jules et Julie Dekostoff green hot air balloon baby
Item no.: 36-jul-19067111
46,27 €/Stück46,27€*47,70 €
Harlequin - All About Me 43-120217 pink decoration fabric girl
Item no.: 43-120217
53,30 €/m53,30€*
36-AEP25709636 Alice & Paul Casadeco stripe decorative fabric gray
Item no.: 36-AEP25709636
36,38 €/m36,38€*37,50 €
Sanderson - Abracazoo 43-223903 light-blue decoration fabric safari animals
Item no.: 43-223903
63,50 €/m63,50€*67,38 €
Texdecor Caselio - Oh la la 36-OLA66344058 stripe fabric
Item no.: 36-OLA66344058
31,67 €/m31,67€*32,65 €
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Find in this category a nice selection of decorative fabrics and curtains, partially available otherwise available as finished decorating the meter. Many wallpaper manufacturers such as textile quickly, already offer combined wallpaper collection. This means that in the collection matching decorative fabrics are offered at the wallpaper, borders, stickers and murals.

Other wallpaper manufacturer offer in cooperation with material suppliers to appropriate products for the nursery. If it is in our shop there to wallpaper a suitable plastic, then you will find this information on the product detail page.

The decorative materials for the children who do not find here as finished decoration, you can use our service to you. See also the appropriate information on the product detail page. Here you see product details an extra tab next service, which will show you that this product is suitable for our next service. In addition, will also be given to you on the product page, the information whether the particular fabric is suitable as bedding or as a pillow.

Our service near you to find the right next service form. Here you have the possibility to specify your desired fabric and desired assemblies, so that our Interior Master can provide you with a custom quote for a side scarf or panel curtain.

If you still have the properties of a substance or the care instructions a question, then feel free to take a look at our FAQ section to access If your question however should not be answered here, then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail. We advise you gladly! Have fun browsing.

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