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Girls - girls room wallpaper from babies to teens

Design the girl's room in a typical girl style with the matching colors in pink, rose, purple or red and orange tones. Use to design purposes the wide variety of girl wallpaper, borders, murals, stickers and curtain fabrics.

The classic room colors like rose and pink can be found in many small children's rooms again. And even if the smalls get older this color is often also a characteristic flavor color for the little ones decide themselves. But pink is not the same pink, for even in the nursery little girls can combine colors like gray, brown, green, or blue wonderfully with the classic girl tones.

A still popular theme in girls’ room are natural motifs. Flowering vines, flowers, trees or animal motifs such as birds, bunnies or zoo animals are often found on the walls again. But not only the tone on tone room design in pink colors, also colorful combinations such as stripes or patchwork patterns are a very popular design element in the girls' nursery.

Even cartoon characters or funny designs like small muffins or even shoes and handbags can be found again on the new collections of wallpaper. These motifs are found then in every form be it wallpaper, border, stickers or murals, wall panels or curtain fabrics, again.

The interests of girls are actually quite simple divided into topics. Again and again the subject of popular stories and fairy tales, princesses and castles that stimulates the imagination of the little ones. But even hobbies such as horseback riding, cooking or baking are always interests that are typical for a girl who can be found again in the design.

But the adventurous girls are not too short. How about, for example, with an exciting underwater world of adventure as a contrast to the typical girl scenes? Or even famous cartoon characters and celebrities and idols that you see on TV, can be often find on murals and wallpaper.

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