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Girls Baby - Girls Wallpapers for Baby Room

Create for your little girl a creative home where she can be happy and herself. We have a large selection of beautiful girls baby room wallpaper. A cheerful and lively atmosphere is peculiar important for the growth of the child. Give your little ones the opportunity to develop their dreams and their fantasies.

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36-AEP28240122 Alice & Paul Casadeco Hearts Voile creamy white baby
Item no.: 36-AEP28240122
50,63 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Mural Rasch Textil 23-158843 Little Bandits pink Wölckchen
Item no.: 23-158843
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
37-LL3110 Grandeco Jack n Rose II waIIpaper beige-brown letters
Item no.: 37-LL3110
2,47 €/m24,78€*33,95 €
Wanbild Forest Mint Green Animals Eijffinger Mini Me 55-399116
Item no.: 55-399116
315,00 €/Stück315,00€*
29-ND21144 Smita Sweet Dreams stars light blue wallpaper
Item no.: 29-ND21144
2,74 €/m27,56€*39,95 €
Origin Hide & Seek 49-337205 triangles purple-blue-green non-woven wallpaper
12-6245 BorasTapeter Scandinavian Designers mini wallpaper leaf green
Item no.: 12-6245
6,21 €/m62,41€*79,00 €
Rasch Textil Little Bandits Flamingos pink 23-158838 mural
Item no.: 23-158838
215,63 €/Stück215,63€*287,50 €
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It's done, your little princess has seen the light of the world. For a carefree grow up of your sweetheart, she should has her own realm in which she can develop freely.

Whether timeless pattern, simple illustrations or quality design, in our children's wallpaper shop you will find the right one for your girl's room.

For the wall design are bright wallpapers the right one. Orange or yellow tones are particularly good, because they radiate friendliness. A calming effect have bright greens. Of course, the color rose and pink, glossy motifs and flowers, stars and hearts are popular with girls.

Then you don't have go without. There are a variety of pink, purple or red which can be combined. The basic colors are usually strong and can break up by different elements such as murals borders or curtains the room.

Created the children's room to a country full of fantasies, tales and stories. You sweeten your girl's time to sleep and delight her when she opens her eyes in the morning. Not only wallpaper, stickers or borders provide a wellness oasis, also accessories, bedding and pillows put playful highlights in baby's room.

You can highlight the girl's baby room with beautiful accents with little effort. It is not a full-surface papering necessary. Whether borders combined with plain painted walls or matching color wallpaper, a beautiful eye-catcher are them all. The borders hold themselves to the woodship wallpaper, because they're self-adhensive and that's the reason why they are so popular. If you still have no ideas then take a look at our room settings. Here you can find sure something for the little ones. Have fun browsing.

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