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Girls Teenie - Wallpapers for young ladies modern and cool!

The sweet girls are so fast and then the cute children's room is suddenly totally uncool. Now they must have here a hip youth room. The Youth Room has to shine in a new splendor. It may have nothing to do with a nursery. Girls - Teens have their own idea, which appearance should bring a wallpaper with it.

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Texdecor Caselio - Pretty Lili 36-PRLI69254013 border pink circles paper
Item no.: 36-PRLI69254013
6,06 €/m30,31€*31,25 €
Rasch Textil #FAB 23-138853 flacons girls white bronze non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-138853
3,40 €/m34,15€*49,50 €
Esta Home Love 56-137004 Non-Woven Wallpaper Dots Red White
Item no.: 56-137004
3,18 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
Eijffinger Wallpower Junior 55-364170 mural africa countryside green
Origin Hide & Seek 49-347492 diamonds bright-grey non-woven wallpaper child
56-186808 Esta Home Love Deco Strip Black White
Item no.: 56-186808
17,96 €/Meter17,96€*19,94 €
423055-276478 Used Look wall gray-beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 423055-276478
4,23 €/m42,49€*48,30 €
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Puberty is for the teens certainly not an easy time. Therefore, it is particularly important that the young people in their own homes feel good. It is the only retreat where they rest from their parents or siblings have. The room should be decorated according to the taste of being a teenager. Of course, wallpapers play a major role.

The girls want only that the child's wallpaper will be removed from the room. The wallpaper must be modern and up to date for the Girls teens. Very fashionable and popular are photo mural, because they create a very special atmosphere in the room. These are available in many different designs such as: nature, plants, animals, music, dance, football, basketball or comic. In addition, distinctive pattern wallpapers are also very popular with young people. Whether bright colors, crazy patterns or black and white wallpaper in our shop you will find the right one.

Be inspired by our selection of children's bedroom wallpaper. As before, floral patterns in girls are in high demand, whether in blue, pink, purple, red or green, the more colorful the better. The newest pictures are screaming the City of New York, as well as their track system of the Metro and the single high-rise buildings. You see, there are countless designs for wallpaper.

Browse them together with her daughter in our store and you will see, in no time they have the perfect wallpaper found. Our wallpapers are tailored to the needs of young people. In our range we give you inspiration to design a teens room.

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