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Specials - design the nursery with murals, woodchip wallpaper, accessories and more

In this category you will find some products that are different from the ordinary wallpaper. Murals, stickers, accessories such as special foamed picture frame or the appropriate accessories, such as tools and very small, we offer you here.

In the category Specials you will find some items for the nursery, which stand out by their distinctive properties of the other products. For example, here are some murals, stickers or even accessories for the nursery to pick up on certain children themes again.

Also you can find in the accessories section any needed special tools for the renovation or even the papering of wall. Among other things, you will find special paste that for the non-woven wallpaper or the cluster machine, cutting tool to manage cut the wallpaper or protective materials for trimming or protective clothing which will assist you when wallpapering.

You will find in this category also classic products such as woodchip or smooth non-woven wallpaper for overcoating. The woodchip wallpaper lends itself to a simple color scheme in the nursery and is often a favorite design element because of its environmental friendliness. Smooth wallpaper often use as a surface preperation for products that require a particularly smooth surface. But even for simple color design smooth non-woven wallpaper can be overcoated.

If you are don't knows or not sure what accessories or tools are the right one for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us either by e -mail at or by phone at our free service hotline 0800 - 3937464.

There are also some information on our service sites Guide/FAQ aout special products.

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